Coachella Festival 2022: An Alluring Architectural Euphoria


About Coachella Festival

The Coachella Valley Music and humanities Festival (commonly called the Coachella Festival or just Coachella) is an annual music and humanities festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, within the Colorado Desert. Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen co-founded the festival in 1999 and now is organized by Golden Voice, a subsidiary of AEG Presents. The event features musical artists from many genres of music, including rock, pop, indie, hip hop, and electronic danceroom music, also as art installations and sculptures. Multiple stages are located across the ground, which hosts multiple live music events.

Coachella 2022

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022 opened to the public on Friday, April 15th with immersive installations by 11 international architects, artists, and designers. Through explorations of scale, light, sound, and colors, the contextual installations explore global themes like connectedness, environmental sustainability, immigration, social behavior and architecture, popular culture, and therefore the community, and will get on display from April 15-17 and April 22-24, 2022.

Immersive installations by international artists and designers are back with Coachella Valley Music and humanities Festival 2022. Here are some pavilions and installations bringing people together under the values of connectedness and sustainability while exploring scale, material, color, sound, and lightweight.

Complex, dynamic and ambitious in scale and design, the point-responsive installations of Coachella 2022 explore a range of pressing motifs and global themes girding environmental sustainability–from used to junk, up-cycling tore-cycling, multi-cultural dialogue, immigration, community and exchange, social geste, performance and popular culture. Besides them being artistic explorations of worldwide themes, the installations also function as navigational markers and gathering points on the desert’s vast field.

The Playground by Architensions

Playground, a colorful installation bringing urbanity to the desert, presented by Architensions. In response to the single-story suburban sprawl in the Coachella Valley, four landmark towers are linked by sky bridges. Each tower features a spread of geometric forms, some with cyan, magenta, and yellow dichroic film that bathes the encompassing area in colors because the sun shines through them.

The design also contains cultural references, like arches implicational Roman architecture. Italianate is also the centerpiece of the massive public square at the intersection of the towers, where people can rest on benches that flank its elevated platform.

Cocoon (BKF + H300) by Martín Huberman

Cocoon is a nine-story sculpture composed of 300 reproductions of the iconic ‘butterfly’ chair by Martin Huberman. Firstly designed in 1940 by Argentinian engineers, BKF came popular through the reduplication of copyists and knock-off chairpersons that spread among systems of the mid-century ultramodern style.

“Cocoon reclaims the Argentinian imprint of the long-lasting seat,” explains Martin Huberman. The installation includes a silky “skin” made from window shade-type material to supply shade during the day and illumination in the dark.

Circular Dimensions x Microscape by Cristopher Cichocki

Circular Dimensions x Microscape comprises 25,000 feet of PVC tubes in a bandshell-shaped pavilion by Cristopher Cichocki. The installation peers into the artist and activist’s ongoing exploration of water. Therefore, it also explores the history of the desert.

The installation nests are a lab where scientists and artists induce experimental videotape oils by manipulating the Salton Sea’s water, swab, barnacles, and algae under microscopes. The artworks are also projected in real-time while a soundscape of field recordings and artificial measures resonates through the structure’s indirect coverts. 

Buoyed by Kiki Van Eijk

The first Netherlands- a grounded developer who contributed to Coachella Music Festival, Kiki van Eijk created Buoyed. Designed with great sanguinity for the future, Kiki aimed to accentuate the power of diversity. Three buoys, each with a height of about four storeys appeared floating above the abundant lawn. This created a desirable space, leaving an exquisite print on callers. 

Each buoy displayed artistic references, putting the whole specialty in excellence and variety. The butterfly bodies of the off-white tocsin were created to spread illumination at night. The green tocsin was created with a 24- bottom periphery base and featured a soft stucco hem for relaxed seating. On the contrary, the blue tocsin was an admixture of an igloo layout and a patchwork pate onto a Dutch-style windmill. 

Mutts by Oana Stănescu

Dogs, mankind’s most loyal companions, teach us what it’s to like unconditionally. Oana Stănescu, a New York-based Romanian Architect, created huge recyclable canine sculptures. Each installation was stacked with plants and designed during a particular position to make a dialogue with visitors. Individuals could touch the nose of the stretching dog, walk underneath the pointer and rest on the paws of the setting dog. Steel frames were used to design marvelous outlines that were filled with a collection of various shops. The design of those dog sculptures allowed their expressions to talk through their gestures and contours.

Spectra by Newsubstance

Spectra, who debuted in 2018, made its third appearance in a row in the Coachella festival. This spiralling rainbow-hued tower continues to impress. Designed by UK- grounded Newsubstance, the seven-storey structure uses translucent panels to offer colour-impregnated views of the desert geography by day. At night, it’s brought to life by LED lights. 

La Guardiana by LosDos

Texas-grounded artists Ramon and Christian Cardenas, inclusively known as Los Dos, have created a” guardian of the emigrants from Mexico, Central America, and around the globe”. La Guardiana wears a skirt blessed with images of people travelling towards a border wall, a capelet to carry her child, a mask to disguise her identity, and cornucopias to represent strength. 

Architecture Installations of Coachella 2019

Sarbalé Ke by Francis Kéré

Architect Francis Kéré designed a cluster of 12 kaleidoscopic towers inspired by the baobab tree, a logo of a community in his native Burkina Faso. Sarbalé Ke, meaning “house of celebration” in the Mooré language is an installation that offers visitors a respite from the hot sun, and at night, the steel structures, cladded with wooden panels which are triangle in shape, cycle through an eye catching pattern of neon LEDs. 

Mismo by Sofia Enriquez 

In the gardens that function as a relaxation place, Sofia Enriquez assumes the spotlight together with her creation: MISMO. The artist who, besides having a clothing line, paints murals, developed a series of six tri-dimensional murals in cashmere format. The delineations aim to represent equivalency in every sense of the word. Sofia Enriques has chosen colors and subjects that, like her clothes, reflect her own taste, but also aim to make people feel good. She debuted in Coachella in 2015 as a plastic artist and created her first public mural for the Coachella camping.

Foiled Plan by Peggy Noland

Even though Peggy Noland is understood for her work with textiles, lately, the artist has back wild surfaces, like leathers and sludge, to finish her works. In her third appearance on the sets of Coachella, Noland used the stage to execute her entirely handmade work artwork. Foiled Plan may be a wide media facility that has bespoke furniture and cactus sculptures, all covered with holographic leaves.

Hipo by Dedo Vabo 

Vanessa Bonet and Derek Doublin, the artists known as Dedo Vabo, create surreal and realistic worlds through architecture, robotics, multimedia elements, and artists dressed like hippos. This is how Bonet and Doublin created HiPO for Coachella: an artistic installation composed of a rocket and a lab manned by hippos. In this installation, there are six performance spaces, where the hippos, with little experience in manning rockets, try to launch the spaceship and engage in communications and experiments in the deep space.

Spectra by Newsubstance

In 2018, the United Kingdom-based design studio Newsubstance has launched Spectra: a round rainbow tower with an inner spiral ramp. The piece of art was presented again this year–and can come for subsequent editions. The art won the prize for Best Design in 2018 in “Outdoor Lighting”, consistent with the Architects Newspaper Awards. Besides that, they need also won the golden prize in the International Design Awards.

Colossal Cacti by Office Kovacs 

In its debut at the festival, Office Kovacs presents seven colorful cacti with heights between 52 and 24 meters. The art pieces are arranged during a spiral to make a relaxation and resting square. The cacti shadow transform the square also during a funny and attractive meeting point. To replace the thorns, the plants have lighting reflectors that illuminate the sculptures during the night and show the Office Kovacs’ preferences for using materials able to build architectural forms.

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