Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design


“When people talk about innovation in this decade, they mean design.”


Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to?

Architecture and interior design are the arenas of creation, innovation and exhibition. Recognition of these two will foster the future to be more adaptable, admirable and unimaginable. 

Fantasise about, being an architect or interior designer, standing confidently in front of renowned architects and interior designers, receiving an award or appreciation as your project or design is uniquely identified, celebrated by mentors and hard work rhythms echoing as the applause of assembly, what a proud moment! 

A designer or architect loves to be recognized for his/her work, recognition to them refers to how their design is justified for whom it was made, the purpose behind is resolved, and how it is visually appealing yet being the talk of the town.    

Developing a space requires a team, but the conceptualisation of that space is only the architect’s or designer’s cup of tea and believe me it’s not an easy task to come up with new energy, new creativity, and different thought processes each time to deliver the best to every client and that’s why recognition to these two professions is very necessary to define and reward their commendable job in the construction industry which is still lacking somewhere between the dilemma of money-making profession and creative stability.

Hence recognizing them through various organizations- bringing all the architects and interior designers from all over India to one platform, commemorating the ideas and concepts of the projects led by the renowned ones and giving opportunities to the newcomers. These exhibitions also outlook into new upcoming materials, creating an environment of healthy competition between the young design enthusiasts and the eminent ones. Also, why these exhibitions look larger than life is the visitors who come and explore a variety of things for their dream spaces in between the streets of these exhibitions.

So let’s move down in the lanes of these two eminent organisations and let me know how it turned out your vision for recognition of these two professions.


              – “Where creative minds meet.”

FOAID- Festival of architecture and interior Design is an organization celebrating creativity, aspiring for uniformity of its name and of course covering the unnoticeable gap between the designers or architects with localities. 

Working for 9 successful years, rejoicing in this festival, registering successful completion of 66 design shows across the country with 1000+ design talks inspiring 50000+ audiences by making a mark in terms of their flawless arrangements, embarking global ideas and concepts into a confronted space making it look larger than life and visually attention-grabbing events and design talks to fascinate the visitors.

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
Design talk ©:

When and Who Started FOAID Journey

The idea of onboarding all architects and interior designers, and celebrating it as a festival came to the brainchildren of FOAID Mr Anil Lala the owner and founder of the leading brand for luxury designer fan FANZART since 2012 and Mr Viraj Shetty founder of the renowned firm based in Mumbai but had an impression by his incredible projects all over the country the “Design Perspective” since 2015. 

FOAID  © :

Nine years ago, the journey of FOIAD began, it all started with the collaboration of architects and interior designers who moved ahead with a motive to educate the world about these professions, scope and enlargement in these events emphasising distinct ideas of young designers and keenly looking into inspiring projects by the eminent ones. 

fanzart founder
Fanzart founder and 1st generation Entrepreneur Mr Anil Lala  with his family ©: Businessworld. in

Despite being first generation entrepreneur and an eminent name in the market of the luxury designer fan, joined hands with a multitasker, managing his firm DESIGN PERSPECTIVE completing more than 50+ projects successfully brought an idea of bringing FOAID which not only revolutionised or turned the time upside down but also changed the vision that these professions too can be recognized by a fruitful discussion entitled as design Manthan or design talks, sharing the ideas on ever-changing industries, discussion social issues the most crucial one – sustainable design or be it the displaying of different material segments all at one place.

Highlights of FOAID 


A huge sqft. Visioning to all creative minds, designer products and murmurings of design discussions on completed, ongoing or upcoming projects is the arena serving as a gateway encompassed, showcasing the young creative minds and expelling their vision with the ever-changing trends in design, FOAID has it all.

Project Discussions
                              Project Discussions ©: Foaid. in

 Inspiring conferences continue their legacy in the form of experiences and challenges faced by successful architects and interior designers sharing tips and tricks with newcomers that how can they overcome them and replace their positions in design talks inspiring the next slot. Presentations, design debates, design talks, and panel discussions all are held in every edition of FOAID with the same enthusiasm with the allied industry being the listeners who lend their ears that how the design industry is famous for its ever-changing scenarios. The summing up of these design discussions is stimulating at times which also continue to hold over cocktails but the entertaining evenings blew it off and lighten the mood. Hence, being part of these Manthans are itself a privilege and lending ears to these talks are your future tips which help the young ones to grow every day fearlessly. 

far reaching speeches
  Far-reaching speeches

Competitions are meant to inspire you and not only bring out the best in yourself but at times develop you and that’s why FOAID is untouched by it, having a separate segment called “Merino Architecture Idea”  recognizing  the appreciable 

  Happy faces after recognition

ones and guiding others to be more confident, more creative and to be more precise in terms of their project and presentation in the next edition, creating a healthy competition within. 

This merino architecture idea competition is specially designed to commemorate the completed projects and leaves a strong impression of their uniqueness, adaptiveness and variedness as applause get recognition through press, media and website publishing, and return gift to the conceptualizers.

  • EXPRESSION – The installation competition at FOAID

Students, interior designer, and architects walk confidently carrying their masterpieces to showcase their creativity indistinctively. Expression of masterpieces in craft, furniture or sculpture having distinguished competition, which art piece withstand the characteristics of sound art and proves to be perfect in the vision of jury members then that masterpiece of art gets the attention of the visitors and appreciation at FOAID award ceremony. 

               Expression of masterpieces by the artists

FOAID has an incredible way towards the progressive platform for competitions among the senior professionals of this field who have incredibly conceptualised some of their best works, which are yet on the verge of completion and are short-listed by the experienced jurors and applauded by the whole.

 Awarding the creative minds

“Without art the reality of design is undefinable”, art and design move hand in hand and that’s the reason why architects and interior designers have an exquisite corner for artwork, crafts, distinctive and abstract paintings, craftsmanship, sculptures, murals etc. all reside in a perfect space designed by architects and designers because they believe art to be the essence of design. These expressions FOAID had taken just a step ahead to recognize and identify the rising art beyond the country. 

art arena
               Art arena
  • D – TALKS

Interactions and discussions on design create being more adaptable, logical and spellbound, it helps you as a designer to look through design the way others see it, as you know design is perspective. That’s the reason why FOAID had a section called D-talks or Design Manthan which includes the designer or architect discussing the real virtue of the design, its significance, consequences, utility, drawbacks, uniqueness and of course leading it to be more influential or look back to pursue correction.

design manthan
Design Manthan

FOAID Editions and Cities Ruling Over

FOAID marking its calendar this year with its 9th edition of the festival, rejoicing and continuing its legacy of making it look larger than life in terms of innovation, exhibition and recognition. With moving editions, there is always a recommendation for the betterment of the event as we all learn from our flaws, hence making every edition better and bigger than the previous one is the cornerstone of FOAID.

FOAID conquers the metro cities of India, maintaining hold in Mumbai and New Delhi consecutively for 9 years, felicitating the architects and interior design all over the country. 

FOAID choose these tier-1 cities to make them more affordable and reachable from all over the spaces across the country. 

Let’s have glimpses of this festival through the pictures highlighting the creativity of architects and interior designers. 

Hard work echoing as applause
design discussion
Design discussion at FOAID
design tips
Enlightening the design tips at FOAID


                               – World Women Architects Artists Designers and Engineers Ecosystem

“Your success is not determined by your gender or by your ethnicity but only

 by the scope of your dreams.” 

                  -Ar. Zaha Hadid 

True words relied upon by the founder and director, team and adjoining groups of WADE ASIA incepted in 2016 with a vision to uplift the recognition of women in the architecture and design industry. 

 WADE ASIA rooting up with the concern for women’s recognition is Asia’s 1st dedicated platform towards this vision working incredibly since 2016 by having in total 6 editions (including 2022), awaiting more over the decades.

WADE ASIA as the name suggests not only has appreciation designated for Indian women in design but for the ones too who belong to south-east Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore etc. 

If we brief about WADE AISA, it’s a women-led organisation for women’s recognition in design which in turn lead to women’s upliftment in designing society and setting an example of those recognized women as role models in front of the whole world. 

women recognition
All hail for women recognition at WADE ASIA

When and Who Started WADE AISA Journey

Wade got its a director founder, who is summed up with all goodies be it from award-winning entrepreneurs, architecture and design journalists, ASIA BOOK OF RECORD HOLDER, socialists spreading awareness of water, helping start-ups and female-owned businesses to rise or creating a registered tagline for her journey of “victim to victory” is none other than Mrs Vertica Dvivedi. 

Life was not easy for her too, losing her parents at a very young age, shouldering the responsibilities of siblings, fighting through those echoing criticism, seeing herself in the darkness of dusk yet letting her believe in those shiny eyes that dreamt of a better life every dawn. Her sayings include the belief in the 3Ws of her life WADE, WOMEN and WATER. 

“Feeling miserable with continuous struggles, I desperately wanted Delhi to accept me. Since there was no sign of it, I adopted Delhi as my hometown. There I found; acceptance is not only about getting but also giving!” 

-Vertica Dvivedi

She belongs to the north-eastern part of the country, shifted to the central part for better growth and explore herself with a handful amount of Rs.3000 ( as quoted by Mrs Vertica Dvivedi ) with big hopes and dreams in her heart. Completing her masters from IIM Calcutta not only boosted her knowledge but gave her the confidence to scale the business which young entrepreneurs fear.

She believes scaling up a business is more interesting and adventurous to her rather than not trying for it. She set an example that when you are determined towards your dream and have zeal and enthusiasm to take or face challenges nobody, not even your fears can stop you to achieve them for her “ sky is the limit ”, WADE AISA is proud to have her.

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
Mrs Vertica Dvivedi rejoicing her dreams

Mrs Vertica Dvivedi knows the importance of recognition, and how recognition can boost confidence, change your way upside down, and help believe in yourself these are the reasons behind the success of WADE ASIA.

A famous saying is there “hard work is the key to success”, and success leads to recognition, Mrs Vertica is also been awarded by lot many prestigious awards as hard work is recognized by those shiny metal pieces standing upright on those shelves. 

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
Lifetime achievement awarded to Smt.Prabhvati Bhagwati owner of Nani’s nashta, awarded by Mrs Verica Dvivedi

Despite being the brainchild of WADE ASIA, she owns her name by maintaining a company named Bigsea Marcom Pvt. Ltd provides services in interior and infrastructure, side by side following her passion for architecture journalism upholds the position of editor-in-chief of the famous magazine Surfaces Reporter connecting the world by writing about architecture, interior design, building materials and frequent updates about inspirational stories and the ever-changing era of designing. 

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
Mrs Vertica with her Surfaces Reporter Magazine team at Wade Asia 2022

Objectives of WADe ASIA

As we all know this is the growing era for women, they are getting empowered by enrooting themselves to moral values and reaching the top-notch in every sector be it the equal income zone by BCCI for both men and women cricket matches or identifying a housewife job as 24×7, women are getting recognized. Hence the architecture and design industry took the same step to recognize, rejuvenate and raise their post in this industry which earlier had a mindset that women cannot be good at fieldwork. 

This women-led organisation revolves around the main objective of the upliftment and recognition of women in the architecture and design industry, or in other words, we can it was made to recognize the women in this field. 

Here are the objectives summed up by WADE ASIA 

  1. Making see-through visibility of women-led projects.
  2. Bridging mentorship between the young design enthusiast and the renowned ones, every organisation has its focus.
  3.  Encouraging through awards, learning and sharing with mentors and amongst.
  4. Standing by those who want to hit back the field after a break. 
  5. Mentioning the extraordinary architects and interior designers, recognising them by publishing and inspiring the junior ones.  
Celebrating and encouraging the hardships of women at WAEe ASIA

Concurrent events of WADe ASIA 

  1. IIR (INDIA INTERIOR RETAILING) Conference & Awards
India interior retailing
               Cutting the ribbons for IIR

IIR is an exposure, connection and expansion for materials related to the interior design and architecture industry. It has been established by a joint venture of Surfaces Reporter and Ply Reporter bringing all distributors, dealers, showroom owners and retailing leaders from all over India, setting up a B2B i.e., buyer to the buyer community and covering the gap for B2C i.e., buyer to the consumer community under one roof of IIR. IIR is not only the platform combining both B2B and B2C communities but its key deliverables are more fascinating and make it recognizable under the long roof of WADE ASIA, hence WADE AISA is incomplete without IIR. The key deliverable of IIR which make it recognized and successful over the years is:

  • Presenting the brand front from the stage, getting the opportunity to make it look as huge as it can be because the good presentation of the product is directly proportional to the good sales of the product. 
Presenting the product at IIR
Presenting the product at IIR
  • Displaying the product and connecting with 2500+ architects and interior designers, is a prestigious indeed an entrepreneur moment, how u can convince them with the assets of your product.
Project at IIR
The happy face of an entrepreneur after successful completion of the project at IIR

  • Brand logo attaining a position in badge worn by 2000+ delegates encompassing the publicity within.
  • Guiding business talks, business meetings, tips and tricks by entrepreneurs so that when you step out of the WADE ASIA event you can see the dawn of boom in your trades.


design market
 Discussing the design market at IIR
  • An entrepreneur can understand how important the role media plays in booming the business and IIR gives the same, recognition of your brand, your brand story and nationwide publicity of a unique material which has to be up in the market, the national media recognition at IIR helps it.
wade asia
  • Summing up IIR with gala celebrations makes it a whole fest and relief to all from a hustle routine. 
gala celebration

       Gala celebration at IIR ©:

IIR travelled across the country with the same enthusiasm every year leaving an impression in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Yamuna Nagar, Bareilly, Jalandhar, Perumbavoor (Kerela) with the same vision for developing the market of architect and interior products.

  1. MATECIA, Material Exhibition

MATECIA stands for Materials Architecture Technology Engineering Construction Interiors and Art, is a business exhibition again held along with WADE ASIA exploring the architecture and interior design-related products all through its lane, benefiting the visitors, dealers, and contractors to compare and choose the best for them. 

MATECIA is from the house of Bigsea Marcom Pvt Ltd. running successfully for 21 years. The material here to explore are laminate, ply boards, decorative veneers& surfaces, hardware fittings, tiles, marbles & stones, doors & windows, PVC boards, machinery supplies etc. These kinds of exhibitions are great in aspect of the trade, new material introduction to the world and connecting designers and architects to the retailers and dealers of the consigned products, indeed once you will visit MATECIA you will be summed up by the knowledge of materials in interior design and architecture.

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture

WADe ASIA Editions and Cities Ruling Over

Untill now the WADE ASIA leading its women recognition legacy, is of 5 years now ( incl 2022 edition, and excluding 2020 & 2021 the COVID years ) it all began in the year 2016, welcoming Dr Kiran Bedi ( 1st lady IPS officer ) as the guest of honour, inspiring other women by learnings of her own. WADE ASIA’s 1st edition in 2016 was held in Gurgaon, Delhi with 85% of attendees being below the age of 30 years, indicating the youth connection to WADE. 

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
Dr Kiran Bedi at WADE ASIA 2016

In the year 2017 WADE climbed a step ahead by the increased number of attendees, spreading itself across the Indian subcontinent connecting the neighbouring countries and coming along to applaud the female design fraternity, held at same location Gurgaon, Delhi. 

2018 WADE, now it is a grown-up and larger exhibition this time as the media partners have stepped in to celebrate women-led development in the designing and architecture industry.

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
WADE ASIA 2018 edition

WADE ASIA 2019 edition was special to everyone because nobody knew that it was going on a break of 2 years (due to COVID) and that’s what made it look larger than life and spreading its arm nationwide through, media coverage, more people knowing about it and more visitors this time approaching WADE.  WADE theme of WADE-WOMEN-WATER let it propagates verbally, and socially influencing the audiences to connect with it.

Recognition: Architecture And Interior Design Why is this recognition necessary? What is the significance behind recognising the architecture and interior design industry specifically, and what it will lead to? interior,architecture
WADE ASIA 2019 edition

This year’s edition held recently in the month of September at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi is the widest among all the editions as the location chosen for the exhibition says it all. WADE ASIA began its journey in 2016 as an “event” and now in 2022, it turned out to be an “exhibition”, summing up how much huge it became over the years. 


The recognition of these two industries that is architecture and interior design is not only beneficial for the architect or interior designers coming here or the dealers and retails of products relating to these 2 industries or the visitors who are approaching a new space it is still important because it deepens and nurtures the growth of society by giving employment by the medium of arrangements done at these huge exhibitions, creating a space for the construction industry to equally look as big as tech industry making it recognizable, and letting India step in the comprehensive world of development. 

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