Skyscrapers: An Incredible Pearl In The Sky

An Incredible Pearl In The Sky


World of imagination

One can be mortal in the world but can become immortal through cinema. Cinema, movies, or theatre; is a platform that will shape an era or a generation. One which directly plays with our minds. It brings into a world that is virtual but relatable. Human psychology has also assessed the impact of unrealistic visuals on the human mind. The graphics and sounds directly hit our brains and transform into this simulated world. One might start relating their own life with one they see on the screen. This powerful source of influence will be channelized into educational purposes or awareness.

The film industry runs for the sole purpose of entertainment. But, given the right direction, this can lead to something more fruitful and worthy for generations. These media are immortal records that will pass on for generations. This can be meaningful and of a variety of genera that will be indicative. The first ever photo captured was taken from a window of other structures. Architecture has been part of the media for a very long and will be in the background forever. But very few media especially in movies, are focused and revolves around core architecture. Only being part of the movie and a movie made on architecture are two different things.

Architecture into media

Architecture is an amalgamation of art, mathematics, and science. The holy trinity that can turn impossible into reality. This wonderful tool is based on the ability of imagination and aesthetics. Architecture is the platform where human ability is tested and challenged at each extending floor. The vision of miracle structures and state-of-the-art buildings is coming into reality. Each day a new structure is erected over the ground and spreading its shadow on the rest. The list of world wonders has also been challenged multiple times. This new era is full of technology and verticality.

As the earth has limited land resources and a constantly growing population, the ever-known solution is vertical expansion. The rising floors and the competition along with it are noteworthy. Ever since man lived, his obstinacy to touch the sky has been well imprinted. The invention of airplanes and space shuttles to go beyond has made history. In the field of architecture, this passion is translated into terms of high-story buildings. The extra additional floor and the competition for the list of tallest structures are ongoing.


Photo by Skyscraper from IMBD

The movie takes place in the 21st century where material and technology have dominated the construction industry. The race for the tallest structure ends in the movie and the new benchmark is set in front of the world, The Pearl. The multi-story and multi-functional building with a sphere on the top is full of amazement. the indoor waterfall and microclimate which transforms the internal environment into a city itself. The structural stability and functioning of services make the building stand out amongst others. The structure is divided into a public zone that contributes to the urban sector, and a residential zone for tenets. Ending with, a high-tech apartment the owner with advanced security and facilities.

The story revolves around the character Will Sawyer and his mission to rescue his family. But the point to consider is which factors trapped his family in the first place. Will was invited for the inspection of the structure and its safety norms, and his report will allow the owner to open the residential floor to the public. This way the part of the service played an important role throughout the film. The hero of course gets involved in stunts and fights and dramatic scenes of climax, where the drama and entertainment complete their part. The architecture and services which go hand in hand yet play a vital role are highlighted.

Sustainable serendipity

With the leading footprints in the world towards sustainability, the structure in the movie is highly contributing. With the largest capacity holder of humans in terms of structure, self-sufficiency rules the kingdom. The structure is fully powered by the blades of rotating fans which generate electricity through wind energy. The advantage of high rise based on the wind speed is taken into consideration while designing the building. The indoor waterfall and greenery will create its microclimate. Yet the maintenance and care bring the money factor into the picture.

Services to the rescue

Services to the rescue
Photo by Skyscraper from ArchDaily

As high we go, several issues grow. In the case of skyscrapers, multiple forces and elements are affecting the structure at the same time. When the emergency comes, every factor is at stake. The importance of facilities and well-planned services is only experienced in the time of need. These factors are usually neglected or taken for granted where most of the efficiency and workability are dependent on them. The seriousness of this issue is well established in the plot of the movie, which keeps one engaged.

As matter of fact, the fire accident is done purposefully for the extortion resolution. The villain plots this against the owner in the battle of rivalry, and the family of the hero is stuck between the structure. When the hero submits his report through the presentation where they have explained the techniques to put out the fire within seconds. These advanced systems are helping us build the reality of living in the sky. On the other side, the same movie shows the worst possible outcomes which can be faced at the cost of the failure of those very systems. These are the two sides of the coin; royalty always comes with risk. 

Academics and reality

In the architecture degree course, the most important focus is the subject of Design. Where one is trained to have that imagination and ability to draft and erect the structure. This is the important part as building shapes our society and represents our nation with skylines of famous structures. But is that all? The aligned subjects are taught and assessed on the submissions. Whereas they hold equal weightage as design. In the practical world, where each line you draw holds power, one who is drawing must be careful and responsible.

Only the aesthetics and aura of the structure are not considered, but the experience and services are prioritized. Students must be trained equally hard to focus on these topics and academics as they do on aesthetics and imagination. Everyone can naturally dream and imagine, but only a few are trained to bring it into reality. This comes with responsibility and awareness of the risk and factors involved. That all must be carefully studied and resolved through the medium of design and planning. Students at a very young age are better receptors and energized, but channeling this into responsible architecture is the need of the hour.

The Pearl

Photo by Eleanor Gibson from Dezeen

The sphere on the top of the building is one remarkable addition to the structure. The virtual play of images and cameras which the owner refers to as “Welcome to the heaven”, is heaven. The marvel of architecture and blend of technology that achieved this miracle placed on earth. The wonder of architecture can be experienced in each part of our surrounding, but few just blows your mind. The attraction of the skyscraper was this pearl. That proved its worth and importance in the scenario.

Up above the sky

Photo by Skyscraper from Movies Anywhere

Dreaming big is part of evolution, but chasing it is a choice. The rat race of humans has shifted to the greed of fame now. One can reach to highest limits of risk and danger to achieve glory. But considering this, are we endangering our spices? We create problems on our own and then sell the solutions for them. One must break this loop and move ahead with a clean and transparent motive.

Architecture will grow rapidly as demand-supply rule over the population. This non-ending game will keep changing its rule. But one has to limit themselves to benefit and rescue others. Safety and services must be thought of simultaneously with the design, and not adding them over in the end. The need for responsible and sustainable architecture will lead us Up and Above.  

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