Architectural Writing Intern

Do you want to be a part of a diverse group and take on new experiences?​


We at The Design Gesture aim to create a healthy and collaborative environment for the architecture and design community. We are a booming new-age creative platform for individuals seeking better ideas and growth opportunities.

We are hiring interns to add to our creative writing team and work as a professional and add value to the organization. Being a part of the team will require you to coordinate with team members, perform independent research, analyze, and present your thoughts in an inventive way through articles.

Perks of Joining as an Architectural Writing Intern at The Design Gesture


The content created by you will be published on the site under your profile which will be your writing portfolio. The added exposure of our social media handles will bring a lot many readers to your Articles and don’t forget, more followers for you. *wink*.

Guided Feedbacks

The articles written by the architectural journalism interns are floated through the editorial team. The team will get back to you with comments to help you refine your writing skills, before the final publishing of your assigned write-up.

Team Support

Our team of in-house SEO specialists works on the articles to make them available in top results on google searches of the relevant topics which bring more readers to your Articles.

Internship Certificate

The internship will be for a minimum period of 3 months, at the end of which you will receive a certificate or you can join as a member of the Editorial team at The Design Gesture.

To Join Our Team

– You should have a degree in B.Arch or Mass communication or other related fields.
– You should be collaborative and passionate to work in a team and present your ideas.
– You should have good communication skills and a positive attitude.

• It is not a paid Internship as we are looking to build a good team of talented individuals.

You can reach out to us​