Terms and Conditions for Authors

Following are the terms and conditions mentioned for the writers at The Design Gesture.

  1. The articles published on the website of The Design Gesture should not be published on any other website or platform.
  2. Writers have to submit 4 articles every month.
  3. The deadline for each Article is every Sunday (11:55 PM) for a minimum period of 4 months (16 Articles) of the Internship Program.
  4. The delay in the submission of articles can lead to immediate termination of the Internship Program.
  5. Any report regarding the Plagiarism of your articles will lead to immediate termination of your Internship Program.
  6. In case of termination of the Internship Program, all the articles written by the writer would still remain published on The Design Gesture, unless specified otherwise by The Design Gesture.
  7. All the articles which pass the plagiarism test and final edits will get published.
  8. The completed article submitted to The Design Gesture will get published within 20 days, provided no further alterations are required from the writer’s end.
  9. The title and subheadings of the article submitted by the writer might be altered with respect to the SEO requirements of The Design Gesture.
  10. Written content (except title and subheadings) in the paragraphs will not be altered or tampered with by The Design Gesture, provided the grammar, spelling, and readability are up to the mark. In case any article requires changes, the writer concerned will be asked to do so.
  11. Any writer, who accepts the offer letter for the Internship Program, is directly implying to have agreed to the terms and conditions of The Design Gesture.