Bijoy Jain: The Master Architect and Alvar Aalto Award Winner


Introduction to “Alvar Aalto Awards”

First of all, ALVAR ALTO AWARD was started honoring Alvar Aalto’s (Finnish Architect) architectural masterpieces, founded in 1967 by himself. This award is presented every 3 years to people gaining significant merit in the field of architecture.

In the year 2020, BIJOY JAIN was awarded the 14th Medal of Studio Mumbai for his “Skillful synthesis of architecture and craftsmanship”. According to the jury of the Alvar Alto federation- Studio Mumbai’s designs touch all the elements of a project, especially because they found the designs deviating from the monotony of modern architecture and giving a hope to the local conditions integrating the craftsmen and architect. His designs selected as Jury citation emphasise on place, landscape and very importantly the crafts in buildings.

Some of His Renowned Works

Copper II House in Chondi Maharashtra

Copper 2 house
Courtesy of Studio Mumbai

This beautiful building was based on the concept of the disparate assemblage of aspects. Seeking the understanding of landscape which it denies and creating a composed set of structure. This was the reconstruction and renovation of the earlier pump house, which showed its challenges during the Mumbai 2005 floods. There in when the pile foundation was put in and another slab was put to rescue the building from high water line, creating the design again a marvelous job.

Now instead of taking the element “water” as a threat, he took it as a pleasing element inclusive of the continuous linear fashion as well as the relentless behavior of water on the design.

Palmyra House in Nandgaon

tara house
Helene Binet

This piece of architecture was designed away from the rush of the city Mumbai. Keeping the master strokes by the master architect intact, the residence was designed within the natural setup with the use of passive design strategies and network with the wells and aqueducts that stand with the site as it being located on the Arabian sea coast. As the name itself reflects it has the densified foliage of palm trees in the eastern direction.

Keeping the authenticity of the site alive, local materials such as Palmyra trunk were used to create the exquisite louvres being handcrafted, using local wood and ain wood to build the house utilizing the traditional interlocking joinery. The quarried black basalt was also used from the plinth and pool plaza. 

Tara House in Kashid, Maharashtra

Helene Binet
Helene Binet

Tara House was built in the forest surrounded by the mountains and the waters of Arabian sea flowing by giving a feel of tropical garden with the aura of fresh flowers, ferns and grass. The house was made using the wooden slats in the verandah, wooden framed roof. The use of sunlight filters were made through the screens and the light and shadow effect creating mesmerising patterns on the walls and floors of the building.

Bijoy Jain’s Studio in Mumbai


Bijoy Jain set his Studio Mumbai in the mid of 1990s after he came back to India after the experience of abroad of almost a decade. But the Studio came into limelight in the year 2005 when he transformed his firm more into an architectural workshop setup. “Studio Mumbai” is known for its in-depth knowledge about materials, elements and trying to configure the projects in the form of Bio-futuristic models. It always shoed up with the purpose of creating the building rather than just creating concrete masses all around. 

He is well known for putting his work effortlessly with full and whole state of mind, being of a flexible nature too. Bijoy Jain says, his core of practice has not changed with the time transiting, just the fluidity has increased in his work and nature of project.

Knowing more about Bijoy Jain has a wide and unprecedented line of thoughts with the urge of clarity and curiosity. His studio reflects his thought about “Art as Practice”, for which he calls his studio as art practice himself. All his designs speak about his reaction to nature and the environment he is a part of.