Even a Summer Break in a Fresh-air Beach City Requires Preparation!

Even a Summer Break in a Fresh-air Beach City Requires Preparation


Soaring summer heat and humidity compels you to search for a place to spend a few days in peace near the cool water. And what can beat a beach destination when it comes to cooling down oneself? Hence, the choice is sorted. It must be a beach heaven. Beaches are also perfect for summer breaks for their fresh air. Plus, most of these spots entertain everyone, from kids to older adults. Because air pollution is rising, you may be concerned about staying outdoors for long. But you need not worry if the location’s AQI supports its clean air status.

Many American states have a treasure of beaches with clean air. Choosing one from them is a task. But let’s make this job easy. How about traveling to Mississippi in the south? Crashing waves, exotic flora, state parks, and sprawling beaches tucked safely along the coastline make a perfect treat. Although Mississippi has five popular destinations, you can have more interest in Biloxi Beach. If you look at www.mybiosource.com/summer-vacation-air-quality-index, this beach town’s AQI score is 34. It’s in the green zone. But how do you prepare for the summer holiday in this place?

Biloxi summer weather

Biloxi beach resort

Summers is the best time for a beach vacation in this town. August can be hot, but June and July are also no less. The average temperature of the day can move from 75-90 degrees. July also witnesses seven inches of rain on average. Hence, August can be your best bet despite the scorch. You can plan your day with indoor and outdoor activities, including swimming, beach combing, kayaking, jet skiing, shopping, and gaming. Some believe Biloxi is better than other Mississippi areas as it receives a breeze from the Gulf of Mexico. That means you can be good in your bathing suits, shorts, and loose T-shirts. 

For sun protection, you can carry a beach hat and sunglasses. Wear long sleeves shirt if possible. At dinnertime or in the casino, you can put on something nice.

A point to remember: Summer showers are expected during the afternoon. So, keep an umbrella with you. You can explore indoor entertainment opportunities like a movie, casino action, and shopping when it rains. You can also stay back in your hotel room and relax.

Outdoor activities in Biloxi


You will get a taste of the Gulf of Mexico here. Sunbathing, relaxing strolls on the shores, and book reading are for those who need comfort. To satisfy your thirst for adventure, boating and kayaking on Biloxi Beach should be enough. Casinos and restaurants are other highlights. You can also take a ferry to the offshore attraction Ship Island. 

As you cruise smoothly on the water, dolphins and a cool breeze will keep you hooked. When you get down on the island, you will have a different experience, witnessing an underdeveloped island’s charm. Or, you can travel to nearby Gulfport Beach. It takes about 30 minutes to reach this place. Gulfport’s AQI is 31. Hence, you don’t have to bother about pollution. On this beach, you and your family members can go zip lining. It will be tremendously entertaining.

Biloxi may have been absent from your vacation list. However, you must be thinking about it now.