Luxurious Apartment Complex: Everything to know about luxury house design.

Luxurious Apartment Complex: Everything to know about luxury house design. This article will interest those fond of luxury, comfort, and aesthetics as this article talks about a Luxurious Apartment Complex, the perfect residential option for people seeking quality and comfort. Luxurious Apartment complex,Luxurious house design,Fancy house design,Architecture design of home,Architecture and design

This article will interest those fond of luxury, comfort, and aesthetics as this article talks about a Luxurious Apartment Complex, the perfect residential option for people seeking quality and comfort.

Luxury and Architecture  

Modern-day Concept of Luxury

“The days of luxury being more of a flamboyant style are waring.” – Stuart Narofsky, FAIA. Luxury is a feeling, a state of comfort and elegance, usually involving expensive things. For some luxury can be owning a set number of penthouses looking out to an amazing beach view and for some, it can be owning a single house.

 In today’s world luxury signals personal wellness and dynamic experiences, it is no longer about opulence. Luxury is subjective to every individual but generally is considered to be expensive.

Luxury in Architecture and Design

What comes to your mind when we refer to luxury in terms of architecture? A Fancy House Design, something most likely to be grand, glam, and ornamental. But we live in a world where luxury is no longer tagged unattainable and continues to evolve every single day. Hence there is no particular definition for luxurious architecture. It can be something highly ornamented or just a simple room with a lot of natural light.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Photo by Architectural Digest

Today, Luxury is more about being an experience and less about possessions. 

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Architecture and Design of a Home

It is a dwelling that intends on providing its occupant with a higher than average amount of comfort, convenience, and quality. In simple terms luxury apartment is a residential unit that goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs and wants of its occupants. Luxurious apartment complex caters to the needs of high-end society as they typically comprise high-end features like modern-day appliances that provide more leisure and high security, top-notch building materials that pertain to the concept of quality over quantity.

 Not only are the apartment units luxurious and filled with the best quality furniture and facilities, but luxurious apartments are also located in developed urban areas where the cost of land is high and this luxurious apartment complex features a wider range of state-of-the-art amenities and services.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash

Architecture and Design of a Luxurious Apartment Complex are generally designed to be grand, spacious, and elegant. Luxurious house design focuses on providing an ample amount of natural light by providing the floor-to-ceiling windows with a higher than regular ceiling level and generally ranges between 10 feet to 15 feet per floor. Common areas like living and dining spaces are mostly double the height to give a sense of grandeur.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Source Architects and Interiors

Luxurious Apartment Complexes are mostly located in a neighborhood that promises privacy and convenience for tenants to have access into market places, educational institutions, dine-in spots, offices and generally provide occupants with a good view.

How to differentiate a Luxurious Apartment from a Regular Apartment?

Advertising an apartment as luxury is a very common marketing technique used to appeal to the high paying customers even though these apartments lack the basic luxury features in reality. It is vital to understand what constitutes a luxury community so on to find the right apartment that will cater to all your needs regardless of the branding scheme any property uses. To avoid confusion you must be well informed about the differences between a luxurious house design and a regular one.


The pricing of a dwelling in a luxurious apartment complex starts from INR 1 Crore and can range up to INR 20 Crore or more depending on the amenities provided in the complex. To that, an approximate 5% can be added as an annual appreciation rate. As for rental pricing, luxury apartments fetch 40% higher rates than regular apartments.

On the other hand in metropolitan cities, the demand for regular apartments are high among the middle class and migrants from a rural area. The rental rates are fairly cheap in comparison and serve the majority. Pricing of regular apartments starts from INR 30 Lakhs and goes up to INR 90 Lakhs.

Value of Investment

In an upscale neighborhood, luxurious apartment complexes are a performing asset. They bring an avenue that is 40% higher than regular apartments even though the number of luxury apartments is noticeably smaller than regular apartments. Regular apartments bring a consistent income for investors as the majority of the population prefers regular apartments over fancy houses designs. Even though the requirement and demand of regular apartments are more in numbers, the profit percentage is higher in luxury apartments owing to its high pricing.


Luxurious Apartment complex
Photo by GQIndia

Luxurious apartment complex are built in the posh and upscale neighborhood which benefits the builder and the occupant as well. Residing in a posh area will be a high-status symbol for the occupant and the builder will put a very high price tag on the units from the beginning. The location is a very important marketing factor when advertising for a fancy house design as the builder can use fancy syllables like CEO Colonies as the main tagline. On the other hand, regular housing units have been emerging in developing areas that presently lack the convenience of posh areas.


The architecture and design of a home is considered luxurious if there are a lot of grand spaces. The very basic difference between a luxurious apartment complex and a regular apartment complex is the square feet that a dwelling unit offers. When the minimum area provided in a luxury apartment is at least 1800 square feet, the minimum area in a regular apartment is 700 square feet which is less than half of the area provided in a luxurious house design.


Luxurious apartment complex offers amenities that spoils you for choice, starting from the rooftop infinity pool to private movie theatres, the amenities are king size in comparison to the basic amenities provided in the regular apartment complex like a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

Luxurious Apartment complex


While there is the provision of high tech security and 24 hour-long guarding system in a luxurious apartment complex, there barely is any security management in a regular apartment. With rent being low for regular apartments there is little budget left for security.

Type of Luxury Apartments

Penthouse in a Luxurious Apartment Complex

A penthouse apartment is the dwelling on the topmost floor of a luxurious apartment complex. It is a fancy house design that gives its tenants the most stunning and unobstructed views of the city. But with every passing day, the definition of a penthouse has been evolving and currently stands as the best apartment in the building.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Photo by propertymash

Developers recently have been using the term Penthouse unobjectionably to define exclusive units in any luxurious house design project. These units are said to have more opulent features than the rest of the units. The penthouse market has seen a surge in India since 2019 as people are drawn to its exclusivity and equate it as a status symbol. These units provide the comforts of a private residence while still living in a community with locational advantages and amenities.

Luxurious Apartment complex

Loft in a Luxurious House Design

Traditionally, lofts are former industrial buildings turned into modern apartments that often feature high ceilings and exposed pipes, beams, and brick walls. These days the concept of a loft design is emerging and being used in luxurious house design. Lofts are generally enormous and hence expensive making it a perfect fit for being a part of a luxurious apartment.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Source Architecture Art Design

Lofts are popular among the rich single people in India who need a space for themselves to enjoy.

Architecture and Design of a Condo

A condominium or condo is a large property that is divided into small units. It is a part of an apartment complex but is owned and managed entirely by the owner with no interference from management of the complex. It benefited from the general security provided for the luxurious apartment complex and enjoys all the locational advantages as well but the owner has no say in the functioning of the larger complex.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Source New York Times

High-Rise Luxurious Apartment Complex- Skyscraper

A skyscraper is a high rise building that stands at a minimum height of 150 metres. Originally buildings that were 20 stories high were termed skyscrapers but off lately the unusually tall buildings with multiple floors have become the definition of skyscrapers. Louis Sullivan was the man behind the aesthetics of early skyscraper design but William LeBaron Jenny was the first architect to design one.

High rise luxury apartment complex have been emerging out rapidly because of a rise in demand for luxury apartments and with limited land availability an easy solution is to build tall multi-storey apartments to cater to everyone’s needs and wants.

Luxurious Apartment complex

Facilities Provided in a Luxurious Apartment Complex

A luxurious apartment complex not only provides a living quarter but also has provision for a whole host of other facilities to take advantage of.

Amenities on-site

Along with a dwelling unit the luxurious apartment complex comes with a lot many over the top amenities that are usually not available in a standard apartment. Some common amenities you are likely to find is a roof top pool, various other swimming pools in clubs and some ultra luxurious apartment complex even has provision for private unit pools, multiple fitness centre with top grade equipment, private parking for multiple vehicles, dog parks, multiple kids playground and day care facilities, some banquet halls and retail stores.

Some luxurious apartment complex level up by providing private movie screening rooms, car lift for personal floor parking and a restaurant inside the complex to make it convenient for tenants to reduce stepping out but not make compromises with their social life. Trash pick and laundry services are also some extra benefits provided for the price an owner pays in a fancy house design.

Luxurious Apartment complex


These apartments are ideal for people who enjoy exclusivity and need private secure spaces to reside in. People need a space to unwind after a hard day of hustle and luxury apartments are located in just the right places where you are not far from the city life and your every day responsibilities yet somehow distanced from the unpleasant traffic noises and crowd. These apartments are typically located in an upscaled posh neighborhood targeting buyers who are willing to pay a fortune to enjoy a king sized lifestyle.

Luxurious Apartment complex

Other than the peace, comfort and privacy benefits of these posh areas there are many locational advantages of a luxurious apartment complex. The unobstructed view of the city or nature comes as a plus for the tenants. As for the builders, they benefit from the preferential location charges (PLC) which is currently ranges from ₹ 50 to ₹100 per square feet.

Higher Level Security

Luxurious apartment complex provide there residents with many perks and one of them is 24/7 surveillance. It provides security that is unmatched with providing multiple guards, doorman and security lights the management ensures their tenants feel secure and safe. Along with guards there are high tech locks around the complex for added security.

High End Interiors

Stylish, high end and technically equipped, luxurious apartment complex comes with a luxurious house design to provide it’s residents with an interior space they would enjoy waking up to every morning.

  • Living Rooms are high rise with good quality furniture and entertainment units. Most luxury apartments play with levels in their design to provide a mix of services to their tenants.
Luxurious Apartment complex

  • Kitchen in a luxury apartment will include modern pre installed appliances like ovens, refrigerator and dishwasher. Chimneys and cooking stations are first rate as well. The luxurious house design includes kitchen island with granite or marble tops that add to its beauty.
Luxurious Apartment complex
  • Bedroom will have provision for a double king size bed with walk-in closets and spacious bathrooms. Architecture and design in a luxurious bedroom is modern and elegant.
Luxurious Apartment complex
Luxurious Apartment complex
Source Behance

Along with all these rooms ,there is provision for multiple guest rooms, office and library spaces, entertainment and game rooms as well as wine cellars.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Source Architectural Digest

Rising Market

Why are people opting for luxurious apartment complex?

There is an insane surge in the real estate market as seen in the last couple of years. People have opted out of buying land and owning a single house because even though it gives them complete ownership, it also comes with a lot of responsibilities tasks and headaches on the initial days of the project. Building a single house needs a lot of money, time, attention and effort for one person to manage.

Luxurious Apartment complex

Hiring an architect and contractor doesn’t guarantee a good house as the end product, the owner has to be on-site every single day and check the progress which is not only tiresome but heavily time-consuming that people can barely invest in.

Apartments come as an easy and ready-made option as everything starting from construction to interiors are taken care of in a luxurious house design. The tenant just needs to go through their option and choose from the options a single unit that caters to all their needs and wants. It is an ideal option for people who like to change things up and move now and then as they can simply rent for a couple of years and then move to the next one.

Another reason for a greater demand for apartments is people today want hotel like features in their homes along with a good community and sense of security which is served to them in a luxurious apartment complex.

Apartments that are Redefining Luxury in India

Luxurious Apartment Complex in India

As Indian economy is steadily growing, there is an increasing demand from people of means for luxurious apartments for living there as well as for investment purposes.

Listed below are some of the most luxurious apartment complex across India that have set a new landmark in terms of real estate business.

Phoenix Kessaku, Bangalore

Located in the premium area of Bangalore, Rajaji Nagar, Phoenix Kessaku is in close proximity to malls, schools, hospitals, metro stations and the world trade centre. This luxurious apartment complex is a single apartment building that holds five different blocks which showcase five important parts of human existence.

The main concept behind this luxurious house design is simplicity in complexity which is also known as ‘Shibui’ in Japanese. Each block have a distinct and unique plan incorporated in the design with provision for 3 BHKs and go upto 11 BHKs. The Phoenix Kessaku precinct offers five exclusive towers Sora, Niwa, Mizu, Faia and Zefa & the privilege of two clubhouses- Midori – The Garden Club and Kaze – The Sky Club.

Source Kessaku

 Trump Towers

Trump towers have started construction in four important states in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkota. These luxurious apartment complex have a modern and elegant look to them with a full glass exterior and are located in upscale areas promising a stunning view to every tenant.

Luxurious Apartment complex
Trump Towers Kolkata

Trump Towers Kolkata is a landmark for the city that has a stunning lake view in front. A steep glass façade and refined architecture are inspired from the first Trump Tower in New York. The apartments in this building have everything that speaks luxury from floor to ceiling windows, stunning views to ultra modern amenities. This project is still under construction and will be completed by the year 2022.

Three Sixty West

The 360 West is located Worli Mumbai and is a mixed-use architecture that comprises of two towers, Tower A that stands tall at a height 256 m. and Tower B which is 362 m. high. The two skyscrapers are linked at the ground level through a podium. Tower B is a luxurious residential space that is expected to be the tallest skyscraper in India after completion, while Tower A will house The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 

Luxurious Apartment complex
Three Sixty West Towers

World One

World one is a high rise luxurious apartment complex with a height of 291 meters. It is estimated at 32 crores USD and designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. With 76 floors in this fancy house design, the interiors are extravagant and customised to suit every owner’s taste and provides them a hint of royalty.

Luxurious Apartment complex
World One Mumbai

M3M St. Andrews

Luxurious Apartment complex
M3M St. Andrews

M3M St. Andrews is a part of the largest luxury gold-themed group housing development. Located in Sector 65, Gurgaon M3M Apartment is spread over 75 acres of land. All apartments at St Andrew’s offer a breathtaking views of an executive golf course. They provide 5 tier security to their tenants and a beautifully landscaped rooftop. There are floors dedicated to amenities likes a game room, gym, and spa for bringing convenience to
 the doorstep.


It might be difficult to fathom which side of the real estate market the scale tips, the demand for both luxury and regular apartments are on the rise. It all comes down to making a choice that fits your needs and meets your standards both economically and emotionally.

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