Street Food: The Strong Influence on Street Character

street food


Street Food: How it Affects the Street Character


The street has been an integral part of urban activities for many decades. One of the major activities that define a bustling street in an urban context is the street food vending. This activity has evolved in the city of Pune as Khau–Galli or Food Streets. The character of these streets differs from others as they employ various systems for their functioning and their users vary in numbers and types are. However, because of the urbanization of the city, the streets are losing favour because of issues of congestion and hygiene amongst the few. Though Khau–Galli caters to large strata of society, they may get demolished in the new urban wave of development. This study aims to analyse the working and perception of these streets and their character on various user groups and finding how can these streets can be maintained, absorbed and retained in an urban city by proposing basic guidelines for an ultimate urban Khau Galli.


Street food, street character, street function, evolution, urban design


Analyzing the effects of street foodscape and its role in the evolution of surrounding areas.



Word Count 300-350 words


To study the usage and systems employed in a khau galli.

Documentation and analysis of various aspects as user experience, space usage, etc.


The study will mainly deal with the street character and secondary study will deal with the effects on built character of the street due to the activities on the street.

The comparative analysis study will be limited to traditionally evolved and old khau gallis situated in the pune city.


 After drawing out the above mentioned inferences and study of the earlier data. Following conclusions can be drawn which may be seen as basic guidelines for a Khau Galli to be an effective urban insert.

Now, this urban space should not only attract people and generate business for the traders but should also-

  1. Be a place of celebration.
  2. Provide social, cultural and recreational activities.
  3. Build new associations between people and space.
  4. Be a safe haven for dwellers nearby.
  5. Provide a living to the economically weaker sections of the society.
  6. Be affordable and versatile.
  7. Be a breathing space in neighbourhood.
  8. Develop an effective system of waste disposal so that minimum food is wasted.
  9. Keep traditions of age old Khau Galiis alive.

Blend in the surrounding atmosphere or environment of the neighbourhood.

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