Urban Parks: Lungs Of the Futuristic City

Urban Parks

Respire, rejuvenate and replenish yourself and your place with urban parks.

A place where the sun lets you breathe every ray of it, where the air has the essence of blossoming flowers, the cacophony of birds chirping and children playing.

A place where enormous species of trees, shrubs and herbs come together to purify the air, where the adventures are rip-roaring and the ecology is in its utmost serenity. 


Urban Park is the place mentioned above with its exquisite and welcoming features. “The urban parks are the manifestations of future generation” a petition, tagline for the upcoming decade similar to the phrase of sustainability “on borrowing the Earth from our future generation”. 

Just wondered how these urban parks could take the place of that huge term sustainability. Don’t worry! It won’t. 

Urban parks would again be a branch of that tree growing day by day as water of awareness is poured into it and sunlight of thoughts is focused on it. But the strange thing about that branch is, it’s not so irregular instead it’s well-planned and knows very well to grow schematically. 

Let’s look into the nodes of that branch, its significant characteristics and architecture which make it look like a perfect combination of planning and greenery. 

Essentials of Urban Parks

More or less the fact cannot be denied that urban planning, architecture and environmental design which together make up an urban park, an article upon its feature, planning, essentials and types couldn’t justify that branch perfectly otherwise natives haven’t designed a degree course for it rather had published a weekly newsletter upon it. 

Hence will try to acknowledge the glimpses of what the urban park does in your city, and will be highly obliged to the planners who developed them perfectly, which could be a rare discovery as architecture and design are the field of perspective, and every eye perceives differently. 

Origination of Urban Parks 

The tale of its origination was the consequence of the industrial revolution which was at its peak during the 17th and 18th centuries which along with its firm establishment weakened the roots of connection between the environment and human beings.

And there comes the perfect timing of inculcating an area which is a blend of nature, human well-being and urbanism, the urban parks

I had known a place, full of ornamental plants to gaze at,

Where children have all to play and winds are flowing like a wave,

‘Zero carbon footprints’ all hail, 

Urban Park is the space, for our future’s sake. 

Types of Urban Parks 

When you enter the border of any city, usually start googling the famous places to visit, famous dishes and speciality of that city, no offence if something you might have searched and I missed here to write upon or you googled everything priorly instead of searching on that moment, forgive me!

The list includes some historical monuments, parks and streets explored along with the speciality dishes but has ever wondered about the differences between each kind of park?

Let’s discuss this.

Historic Garden

If you found a place where you witnessed walls which are having remains of what paint was on them, where you found the manuscripts telling the saga of the era in which the garden was built, where fountains, deep roots – huge trees, statues are the prominent feature is said to be a historic garden – singing the rhythm of its timeline, culture and architecture. 

urban parks
Historic Garden ©: architectural digest

However, these gardens are taken special care for their maintenance just like an old man of a family needs a regular check-up, I know old is gold but it too needs polishing otherwise it will corrode. A regular check on its featuring elements will make these gardens the persona of their era in every changing decade. 

Neighbourhood Green Space

The word suggests itself, is found in the neighbourhood of your residence and is usually an evening platform for toddlers to rejoice in their childhood, a chit-chat area for adults and a paved path directing the fitness track in mornings and evenings. 

Neighbourhood green spaces
Neighbourhood green spaces ©: business news

Public and Private Green Spaces

These rushing metro cities or a city which are underdeveloped both have the loopholes of differentiating the public and private green spaces while doing the city planning. Chandigarh, proudly known all over the world because of the best of its systematic city planning segregated both public and private green spaces, is a huge topic to dig into some other day.

Differentiation between public and private spaces
Differentiation between public and private spaces ©: research gate 

Urban Parks

Larger sqft. Of green areas where boundaries are hugging the natural-native species of trees, shrubs and herbs. A well-planned garden architecturally studied is a lot to explore upon. 

urban park
Urban Park ©: Plane Tizen

Planning of an Urban Park

When and then urban parks are recognized, above their exquisite and welcoming features they are also well known because of their spatial planning, exploring more down in the lane here are some points to be taken into consideration while planning an urban park. 

Using the natural contours

Any public or private space is said to be well planned when it harmed less to the environment, nonetheless using those natural land contours to develop an urban park by adding landscape such as a lawn mount could prove as a good alternative.  

Natural contours
Natural contours ©: image-edit

Keeping a check on the soil & climate 

Whenever you begin with a fresh project before making a BOQ (bill of quantity) and charging a fee estimate do check the soil at the site and the climate of the region which will, in turn, help you and your landscape designer associate to sow seeds of the trees which get proper nourishment and sunlight according to their requirement so that they can beautify the surrounding area.

Water and its Sound 

An urban is a space to rejuvenate your health and mental well-being and that’s why the sound of flowing water when heard with closed eyes and lending your ear and mind to it could be meditative, that’s where water bodies play a crucial role in urban parks, connecting you emotionally. 

Waterbody at Urban Park
Waterbody at Urban Park  ©: Wikimedia

Shading Devices Incorporation 

Urban parks do have their bars set for comfort level, and shading devices are one among them, protecting the visitors from extreme heat or sometimes becoming the separation sheet between the raindrops and people sitting beneath, those canopies added are the drama of urban parks. 

Tensile structure at urban park
Tensile structure at urban park ©: shade form

Proper Zoning for Hardscape and Softscape 

While planning an urban park the hectare or acre area is a balance of hardscape and softscape which means there should be a balance of green spaces and hardstone spaces. A bubble diagram should be pre-prepared before actual planning so that a step-wise proceeding for a large area could make full use of each unit. 

Bubble diagram for urban park 
Bubble diagram for urban park  ©: Pinterest.com 

Material and finishes for urban parks

are a place of refreshment, materials and finishes chosen wisely which hold visitors closer to nature making an urban park a more successful project on the to-do list of an urban planner or architect. The list of materials is endless in the queue when you give thought to this direction of protecting the environment and creating spaces to nurture spaces. 

Bamboo sculpture at urban park
Bamboo sculpture at urban park ©: archdaily 

Inspirational Urban Parks 

Lal Bagh, Bengaluru

The botanical garden has a story to unfold of all botanical species for back than 200 years. 

This 240-acre is dedicated to botanical artwork and its conservation. To celebrate the beauty of this preservation this land is now transformed into an urban park so that the blossoming species could add their contribution and spread its aroma. 

Glass house at Lal Bagh, Bengaluru ©: archdaily
Glass house at Lal Bagh, Bengaluru ©: archdaily 
Botanical species at Lal Bagh, Bengaluru
Botanical species at Lal Bagh, Bengaluru ©: hello travel

Cubbon Park, Bengaluru

A park created long back in 1870 occupies 300-acre land and is located next to the state assembly of Karnataka. This land, covered with green foliage until your eye vision flows is also known as Sri. Chamarajendra Park. It is been recognized over the decades because of lots of statues and sculptures encapsulated in its boundary. 

Cubbon park, Bengaluru ©: staticcmb
Cubbon park, Bengaluru ©: staticcmb

Brindavan Gardens, Mysore

The centric beauty of this park lies in the musical fountains created in 1932, spread across 60 acres of land and illuminated terrace gardens are eye catchy points for visitors. 

Brindavan Garden, Mysore ©: staticcmb
Brindavan Garden, Mysore ©: staticcmb
Brindavan Garden, Mysore ©: veenaworld.com
Brindavan Garden, Mysore ©: veenaworld.com

Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur

This jubilee park is spread across 500-acre, spread like a giant making it one of the biggest urban parks in India has Tata steel zoological park, Nicoo Jubilee amusement park, Jayanti Sarovar, Bat island, children’s park and Roseland.

Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur ©: tripadvisor.com
Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur ©: tripadvisor.com
Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur ©: tripadvisor.com
Tata Steel Zoological Park, Jamshedpur ©: tripadvisor.com

Maidan, Kolkata

Also named Brigade Parade ground, a proud army property from British rule till date. It is a large stretch of green carpet withholding the famous cricket stadium Eden Gardens along with a lot home many successful players and athletes. 

Maidan, Kolkata ©: Mylitteladventure
Maidan, Kolkata ©: Mylitteladventure

Nehru Park, New Delhi 

This park is spread across 85-acre large in the capital city of India, New Delhi, established in 1969 and located in the diplomatic area of Chanakyapuri. 

Nehru Park, New Delhi ©: TripAdvisor.com
Nehru Park, New Delhi ©: TripAdvisor.com

Pune Okayama Garden, Pune

A friendship symbol, stating the truth of India-Japan friendly relation, Okayama is the city of Japan also called the “land of sunshine”. Pune Okayama garden is the largest garden in Japanese style out of Japan in Asia. The speciality of creating this garden is in its organic free flow of greenspaces rather than creating a garden that shaped the natural beauty. 

Pune Okayama Garden ©: Yometro.com
Pune Okayama Garden ©: Yometro.com

National War Memorial, New Delhi

This 40-acre of land salutes the sacrifices of the Indian Armed forces giving rewards and recognition to those who kept Indian land as their utmost priority. The complex includes Amar Chakra, Veerta Chakra, Tyag Chakra and Raksha Chakra. The National War Museum, proposed in Princess Park is soon going to be added to its premises. It is located near the chhatri of India Gate, encircling the layout at the epicentre of Amar Javan Jyoti. 

national war memorial
National War Memorial   ©: Archdaily 
National War Memorial, New Delhi   ©: MyGov
National War Memorial, New Delhi   ©: MyGov

Rock Garden, Chandigarh 

How is it possible that the best-planned city would be untouched by Urban Parks, not it is not? Proudly holding the Rock Garden in its boundary also known as Nek Chand’s rock garden, named after the founder. This sculpture garden as the name is suggesting is spread over a 40-acre land having a speciality of sculptures made which won the competition of best out of waste, sculptures of electrical waste, plastic waste, bangles and bottles waste and architectural elements like archways and amphitheatre are the sources of inspiration. 

Rock Garden, Chandigarh   ©: twitter.com
Rock Garden, Chandigarh   ©: twitter.com
Rock Garden, Chandigarh ©: Garden visit.com
Rock Garden, Chandigarh ©: Garden visit.com

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai 

Previously known as Borivali National Park, is a gift to the city limit of Mumbai for enjoying the pristine beauty of animal and plant reserve along with rip-roaring toy train and heritage of Buddhist cave temples. 

Sanjay Gandhi National Park ©: Mumbai tourism
Sanjay Gandhi National Park ©: Mumbai tourism


India is rich in culture and heritage and frightening the world with the roar of youth is not behind in preserving climate through architecture and urban planning. 

Despite being 2nd largest in its population it’s a slow and steady process to make aware every citizen protects the environment in their respective fields but is trying hard to reach its pinnacle making Earth a better place to live in. 

These urban parks are the lungs of the city and need purification and care regularly otherwise one day a covid wave could harm are lungs causing disastrous effects on our forthcoming and present generation. 

Hence handle the situation until the rope of green hope losses its grip from the hands of pollution and ignorance, creating a foggy future.