From Walls to Floors: An Important Guide for Your Kitchen Aesthetics

From Walls to Floors

If you are amidst the journey of revamping or remodeling your kitchen, you have come to the right place. We know how you can feel lost and overwhelmed when remodeling your kitchen aesthetics. Colour swatches, designs, texture – the list goes on and on. The design and the overall feel of your kitchen are crucial for the entire ambience of your home. People usually try and get it right as the whole process is quite taxing.

The flooring and walls of the kitchen need to be aligned to tie the space together. The colour of the wall and the design of the kitchen floor tiles should look neat.

This blog aims to spare you from the clutter and simplify the process.

Key points to remember when picking up kitchen wall tiles.

1.    Decide upon your budget

Installation of kitchen tiles is usually a one-time investment made by people, as it involves a lot of planning and is quite expensive, too. It is advisable to conduct thorough research on the options available for kitchen wall tiles and their price and accordingly set aside a budget for the purchase and installation of the tiles. Keep the vision of your space clear in your mind. In case you are facing difficulty, you should consult an expert. You can estimate the product cost according to the kitchen area where the tiles must be installed.

2.    Keep your lifestyle in mind


Kitchen wall tile designs are abundant in the market. They are pretty resilient, too. But when going for a particular kitchen wall tile, be certain about its durability, heat, temperature resilience, and ease of cleanliness and maintenance. Go for tiles with slightly raised texture even if the coefficient of friction for a wall tile is low.

3.    Consider backsplash as well

Painted and glossy tiles are a good choice for the backsplash area of your kitchen wall. This area is, however, exposed to hot oil splatters, stains, and grease and needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Choosing wall tiles such as ceramic, metallic, or Moroccan adds a decorative flair to your kitchen space.

4.    Go for water-resistant floor and wall tiles

wall tiles

Tiles are preferable in high-traffic kitchens since they have a hard surface and are water resistant. A sealant layer can help stop water from dripping between tiles, which could eventually erode the tile installation.

A very user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful kitchen design can be made using ceramic or porcelain tiles for the floor and stone for the countertop and wall. These materials are more water and stain-resistant than stone.

Now that you have some crucial tips handy, you can explore the numerous kitchen wall tile design options:

Ceramic tiles

Due to its strength and adaptability, ceramic tiles are a traditional choice for kitchen walls. You may create a variety of design aesthetics, from classic to modern, with them because they are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and sizes.


Mosaic tiles are small and can be assembled for elaborate patterns or images. They provide a distinctive and eye-catching choice for kitchen walls, giving the room texture and individuality. Mosaic tiles come in various materials, such as glass, stone, and ceramic, opening up a wide range of design options.


Kitchen wall tiles with tropical themes frequently have vivid colours, exotic motifs, and designs influenced by nature. For individuals who want a vacation-inspired environment, these tiles can give your kitchen a vibrant and tropical vibe.

Tropical kitchen wall tile designs frequently feature palm leaves, floral motifs, and cheery, bright colours.


Shapes like triangles, hexagons, diamonds, and squares organised in patterns define geometric tiles. They may give your kitchen a modern, chic appearance, adding structure and visual appeal. Both bright contrasting colours and geometric tiles in a single colour can create a powerful design statement for your kitchen.


As the name implies, octagonal tiles typically have eight sides and can be used to make unusual patterns. These tiles can give your kitchen walls a sense of timeless elegance because they are frequently linked to a traditional, vintage look. To produce appealing patterns like octagon-and-dot or windmill designs, octagon tiles are sometimes used with smaller square tiles.

Pro tip: Mix and match different tile types and patterns to create a customised and visually appealing look that suits your taste and complements the rest of your kitchen’s design elements. Consider factors like ease of maintenance and the practicality of your chosen tiles for a kitchen environment.

Kitchen Floor tiles: Tips to keep in mind when choosing your kitchen floor tiles

  • Easy to clean: Whichever design you pick for your kitchen floor, ensure it is easy to clean and maintain. The tile should not crack or stain, as commonly seen in clay tiles. Talk to your flooring expert in case of confusion.
  • Matching with the cabinetry: Choose a kitchen tile that will create a unified, harmonious design and be long-lasting and valuable. Have a sample of our cabinets on hand when looking for kitchen tile flooring because both have an influence.
  • Durability: As kitchen flooring is an investment, use durable tiles that can withstand time.

Below, we have mentioned a list of trending kitchen floor tile designs:

  • Rustic Matt
  • Solid Colours
  • Marble designs
  • Terrazzo
  • Wooden


There are experts and professionals out there who can assist you in creating the kitchen space of your dreams. Various textures, designs, and colours are available to explore to design your kitchen like you always wanted.

Kitchen Wall tile designs turn your vision into reality and give your kitchen the remodelling it deserves!!