Interior Design Styles: 21 Most Popular and Trending Styles

interior design style


Are you a new homeowner who’s looking to transform their humble abode? Well, you’re in luck!

Interior Design is the hottest trend, if I dare say so myself, of the century. With the wild craze on the internet to display their homes is the epitome of grandeur, the field has contributed immensely towards the same.

Why has it become the talk of the town lately?

Interior Design is not a foreign concept. It began from as long as humans have had shelter. From the hand stamps in caves to importing marble from all over the world, Interior design has had a profound connection with human civilization.

Interior designers’ employment is expected to grow at a rate of 5% from 2016 to 2026, which is about the same as the national average for all occupations. So if you are considering interior design as a career path for your future, do not hesitate as the field bears many opportunities.

Not everyone in the world has the same style preference. The many branches and styles of interior design have something or the other for every clientele, from a goth individual to a suburban mom.

Below enlisted are some of the most popular interior design styles that you may incorporate into your home to make it stand out from the rest.

What’s hot/trending?

Below are the 6 most rampantly used interior designing styles that are visible in the market currently.

Modern interior design style

Modern interior design became popular in the early to mid-twentieth century. We have our current definition of modern because of the combination of Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and post-modern design. Modern interior design features a monochromatic color palette along with clean lines which have minimal to no decoration. It also includes the usage of natural materials blended with plenty of natural sunlight. Uncluttered spaces along with simple and functional furniture that serves the purpose are a big aspect of modern interior design.

Minimalist interior design

Minimalist interior design is one of the fastest-growing interior design styles in recent times. Because of its wild popularity, minimalist interior design has also metamorphosed into contemporary and modern interior design, although each one of them has various distinctive features. Minimalist interior design features clean lines with simple finishes. Initially inspired by Japanese design and architecture, the principle behind the interior design style is simple and uncluttered spaces with furniture and art pieces at the center of focus.

Bohemian Interior design

Bohemian interior design is the upcoming style that is predicted to adorn millions of homes. The style places major importance on natural finishes and textures. The Bohemian interior design style also features an aggressively warm color palette with earthy and desert tones. It can be easily confused with rustic design style, but the major difference between the two would be the incorporation of natural country style living in Bohemian interior design. To add a touch of nature to your space Bohemian interior design is a wise option.

Scandinavian Interior design

Scandinavian interior design features a blend of minimalistic style with natural textures and finishes. The style features an aggressively sober color palette, which makes the space very warm and inviting. The style also emphasizes on structure and linearity of spaces. This style of interior design also incorporates industrial style light fixtures and furniture with a touch of warm wood attached to it. The emphasis is placed on the finishes and color of the furniture rather than that of architectural elements such as the wall and the flooring.

Tropical Interior design

The intention of tropical interior design is to transport you to your favorite island holiday right from your living space. When you think of an island, you think of big Palm leaves with cane furniture and an intimidating amount of plants. This is directly translated into the tropical interior design style with a warm color palette. This kind of interior design emphasizes naturally occurring elements be incorporated within the house. Including multiple living plants inside the space not only helps with the design style but also helps in a healthy living environment.

Brutalist Interior design

Brutalist interior design is predicted to be one of the most popular interior designs in the coming days. Although some may believe that brutalist interior design can be a little cold and unwelcoming, there are multiple ways in which to transform spaces to make them feel homely and welcoming. As the word suggests, brutalism features raw materials, especially concrete, in its natural form, unadorned and unpolished. The brutalist interior design also includes simple lines with geometrical shapes emerging from the post-mid-century era.

Personality based space:

Neo-Classical (Modern Indian) Interior design

Originating from the classical homes of Greece and Rome, this style of interior design has been adopted by many to make their spaces elegant and luxurious. The style features rococo design but with the sophistication of Modern Contemporary interior design. With familiar features and shapes, this style of interior design is very popular in modern Indian homes.

Contemporary Interior Design

It can be debated that contemporary interior design and modern interior design go hand in hand. While modern interior design refers to a certain time period in the history of architecture, contemporary interior design is ever-evolving. It features clean surfaces with a minimal color palette featuring neutral tones. The style also incorporates a lot of wood with metal and glass. So if you are someone who is looking for a sleek and simple space, contemporary interior design is the way to go.

Nautical (Coastal) Interior Design

Quite a peculiar form of design is featured in nautical or coastal interior design. The design principle emphasizes the usage of lighter tones that are present around a coastal region, hence the name. The interior design uses shades of blue, green, white, and beige in multiple color combinations to make this space exciting and vibrant.

Mid-century modern interior design

The mid-century style of interior design is joked as an everlasting style in interior design. It is believed to be the rampant interior design style from 1950 to 1960 and is said to have originated in post-war America. The style also incorporates features of industrial interior design with a cozy, homely feeling. The style is dominated by extensive use of wood with warm undertones of nature with a vibrant splash of color with living plants.

French Country Interior Design Style

The French countryside homes have a blend of sophistication with its Victorian-era along with the infusion of modern furniture. This combination of old with new is widely termed as French country’s interior style of design. The style incorporates extensive use of wood from the neighboring forests. Large open spaces that open out into private gardens, rustic-looking furniture, and accessories with an overwhelmingly warm color palette are some of the distinctive features of French country interior design.

Traditional (Classical) interior design

Traditional interior design style varies from country to country depending on what elements make up as traditional. When traditional interior design is spoken of, it usually refers to the French Victorian Era with a blend of Roman architectural elements. This style incorporates heavy upholstered furniture with a maximum of five colors incorporated throughout the space. Heavy ornamentation with a large scope of textures and patterns can be classified under traditional interior design.

Beach style interior design

The Beach style of interior design is very similar to coastal interior design. They both share similar elements, such as cool toned pallets along with all-weather furniture. Style of interior design incorporates a lot of wooden textures with windows that are open from the floor to the ceiling, allowing a maximum amount of light intake. Thus bringing the outside in.

Industrial interior design

The second Industrial Revolution gave birth to interior industrial design. Many European factories closed down, which led to large spaces that were vacant, which could be transformed into homes. Industrial interior design features exposed brickwork, along with rustic elements of workmanship and visible construction details. Industrial interior design also features exposed services along with black brushed metal light fixtures.

Hollywood Style Interior Design

Inspired by dreamy Hollywood movies, the Hollywood glam style of interior design is very popular in retro settings. This particular style is very popular in California around the mid-20th century, where Hollywood stars were considered the new royalty. Everything from over-the-top furniture to bright colors in juxtaposition, the Hollywood style of interior design, is truly a unique style of living. Although considered a little loud by a few, Hollywood style of interior design is fastly making a comeback and I predict will be the next big interior design style in the coming years.

Mediterranean Interior design

The inspiration for this style of design is extracted from the southern European countries. This specific style of interior design features exposed stonework, long batons of wood with almost all warm-toned color palettes. This style of interior design also features a lot of curves and shapes. The materials that make this interior design unique are the incorporation of wood, wrought iron, and cotton.

Farmhouse Interior design

Farmhouse interior design is the revival of classical country-style living in a city. Farmhouse interior design is characterized by exposed wooden beams, the iconic sloped roof silhouette, and the use of unupholstered furniture. The style is quite simple and clean, with a wide variety of color palettes available which can be customized to your liking. Farmhouse style is a type of interior design that emphasizes functionality, simplicity, and rustic charm. While farmhouse style is influenced by rural architecture, it also incorporates modern conveniences, resulting in a look that is both cozy and stylish.

Art Deco Interior Design Style

Art Deco is an abbreviation for Arts Décoratifs. Art deco style of interior design is featured by the usage of rich color tones with the juxtaposition of light and dark shades. The style also features bold geometry with intricate detailing on walls and flooring. This style of interior design can be traced back to the 1920s to the 1940s, as the summit of wealth and luxury. The style features zigzag, triangular, and trapezoidal shapes which are cleverly placed next to straight lines to increase the contrast between the two.

Eclectic interior design

Eclectic interior design was very popular in 1980 with the emergence of the Hippie movement. The style of interior design features bold and loud colors that are incorporated all into one space. It features various shapes that are placed very close to each other, which are worlds apart. Hence, appropriately termed as eclectic interior design, for a person with an eclectic taste. 

French Victorian Interior Design Style

This style of interior design resonates with closely traditional interior design but is worlds apart from the French countryside interior design style. This particular interior design style features the opulence of French royalty. This is clearly denoted in the choice of materials from furnishing to the ceiling. The interior design style features heavy upholstered furniture along with a heavy design on the ceiling. The wall paneling features traditional cornices which have been adapted into modern interior design.

Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

Originating in the 18th century, the shabby chic interior design style is a combination of vintage accessories with a touch of modern furnishing. Shabby vintage, the early ’90s décor trend noted for bleached furniture and fading floral patterns, has undoubtedly passed through its prime. This ultra-feminine design style has given way to a more contemporary vibe, crisper lines, and a masculine influence. The furniture is picked with a distressed look as the interior design style demands it. The older the furniture, the better the style will turn out. The increased amount of wear and tear gives it the shabby look. The chic elements can be the usage of an upholstered sofa with cotton fabrics.

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