How to Calculate Price Per Square Foot To Visualize a Beautiful Home?

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You are ready to buy a house or are going to rent. You can take help from our online square footage price calculator. Ready to estimate the price per square foot and get the exact price that you want to pay? 

Without wasting your time, let us move toward the bottom article to understand the formulas by which you estimate the area of a property. Just down and stay focused. The square footage calculator figures out the square footage of any surface. 

If the surface is unstable, it is possible to section the surface with the help of a Price Per Square Foot Calculator

Price Per Square Foot

What Is Online Price Per Square Foot?

When you are deciding to purchase a property or give on rent definitely, you want to calculate the cost per square footage of a house. For this purpose, you may take the help of our online square footage price calculator, which will help you to compare the cost per square foot of your house by considering the purchase price and the area of measurement. 

Our advanced tool also helps real estate agents, loan officers, other property dealers, and businesspersons that want to construct houses. 

Our calculator takes into account the price that you pay at the time of purchase of the property and how much total area you have if you want to compare your property with others then select it from the drop-down menu.

How Much Is a Square Foot?


You can calculate the square foot as a square with one side so their length is equal to the 12 inches however; we say that one square foot is equal to the 144 inches². You are surprised how this is calculated 12 inches of one square one side length and here we calculate the square foot that is 12inches × 12inches. 

You make your calculations fast and accurate with the help of our Price per Square Foot Calculator. The square meter is the basic unit of the space and here we estimate roughly that it is ten times the area of a square foot. 

Formula to Calculate The Price Per Square Foot 

With the variation of the sizes in the property formulas also variate. The formulas that are used to calculate the price per square foot are as follows:

Price per square foot = price / floor space (ft²)

This formula is also used to calculate the rental property rent for one month or if you want to replace the property with the annual rent cost, you allow using this formula:

Rent per square foot = monthly rent / floor space (ft²)

Enter the values in the field with their suitable units and tap on the calculate button to generate the fast answer. 


The price per square foot calculator allows you to calculate the cost of your home. This user-friendly tool takes into account the purchasing price and total area of your property. How to Calculate Price per Square Foot? Obviously, it looks like a daunting challenge so without wasting your precious time let us start with this online square footage price calculator to compute the price per square foot to estimate your property.