Innovative House Interior Design Ideas 2022

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Why Modify Your House Interiors?

Editing is a key trap that untrained decorators fall into. A skilled interior designer can quickly assess a space to determine what furnishings work there and when something is excessive, tasteful, or needs to be adorned. Design decisions for your room can be made or broken by a few pointers in this area.

Do you find the thought of redesigning or upgrading your house’s interior overwhelming? Do you worry that you’ll end up spending a lot of money on it? When creating an environment for yourself, there are a lot of choices to be made which can feel daunting. However, with a little help, we can put some of that design clutter to rest.

The Psychology of Interior Design

You are constantly being influenced by the subtle emotions in your environment. Designers have the power to evoke positive emotions in your house, like joy, comfort, safety, romance, and pride. You can rapidly change the way things look by changing the design, colors, and fabrics.

How to Upgrade to the Next Level?

In addition to home furnishings and wallpapers, interior design also involves recreating various rooms, conceptualising positive and negative spaces, and decluttering for a minimalist appearance. A “makeover” for your house might be something you’re interested in. Here are a few quick modifications you can make to give your house a completely new look.

Interior Design Trends in 2022


In the last few years, minimalism has become increasingly popular, but guess what? It’s fading away in 2022. Huge, vividly colored prints and alluring items are popular design trends that are decorating homes everywhere. Before working with the furniture fixtures, wallpapers, and paints, start with something like a variety of vases, cushions, pillows, and wall panelling in various tones.

house interior
Photo from The Pinnacle List

Maximalism includes a variety of furniture styles, eclectic colour schemes, and varied textures. Utilizing color effectively is the simplest method of blending various decorating styles. The arrangement of colourful, sculptural furniture is trending and intriguing. For example, take a look at this Edinburgh apartment, which is a dreamy kaleidoscope of colours, gorgeous statement flooring, and graphic patterns all over.

The use of colourful and intricate carvings on buildings’ exteriors and interiors is another example of maximalism in medieval Indian architecture. Even now, the majority of homes in India are designed with maximalism in mind. Check out these Indian homes that are maximalism masterworks for more inspiration.

Smart technology

Imagine getting into your car after work to return home and asking Alexa to turn on the lights and the air conditioner in your bedroom. Using a motion sensor to have a hallway light strip gently turn on when someone walks to the restroom at night. Or use a brightness sensor to dim the lights if there’s enough daylight in a room. It’s a luxury, isn’t it? 

smart technology
Photo from Unsplash

People can now envision their home’s entire interior, down to the type of flooring and curtain color, thanks to augmented and virtual reality. With the aid of technology, it is possible to switch between completely different atmospheres in the same area. The ideal decorations for a night party are chandeliers with built-in Bluetooth speakers and colour-changing disco lights. Smart technology alone is to blame.

Many people use soundproofing blinds to reduce noise in their homes. Modern air purifiers come in amazing shapes and colours, purifying the air in your home or office and creating a pleasant, healthy environment. Modern air purifiers come in amazing shapes and colours, purifying the air in your home or office and creating a pleasant, healthy environment.

Biophilic Architecture

In the past, nature was all around us. Technically, it still is, but the state of the surrounding environment has significantly changed since the technological period. According to the biophilia hypothesis, most people have a natural love of nature; we yearn for it, and our health may suffer if we don’t get in touch with it. This desire for nature is satisfied by biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements and processes into the built environment.

Photo from BonTon

For those who are unfamiliar with the idea of a microclimate, the microclimate within a home or building may differ slightly from the dominant local or municipal climate. The thermal comfort of the inhabitants of the building is maintained with the help of plants. The biological thermal comfort of the occupants is referred to in the “bio” portion of the term, whilst the “climatic” half of the word refers to designing the building to be sensitive to the local climate.

Ways to include it in your house:

  • Pick the best indoor plants and take care of them.
  • A bamboo fountain that makes water sounds has a calming effect.
  • Nature-inspired wall art
  •  Get more fresh air and natural light inside your home.

In the end, it’s all about bringing the outside in. 

Colored Concrete/ Concrete Accent 

Concrete can take on any shape and has a modern feel. That concrete no longer has a distasteful appearance because of the new design and casting techniques. In wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms, concrete is now used in wet areas in addition to floors and walls. 

colored concrete
Elderly house in France consisting of concreete colored with Cayferrox pigments

You must watch out that your space doesn’t turn too grey when using concrete as decor. In line with current interior design trends, concrete accents should be paired with concrete that is bright and warm, like reds or yellows. The effect it has on space is amazing.

Today’s bathroom trends come into play because they place a strong emphasis on adding personality while maintaining a monastic, spa-like calm. It is the ideal material for this space thanks to the vibrant colours it now offers and the texture and depth it offers.

Photo from Hansgrohe

Mediterranian + Bohemian Vibe

Have you ever wondered what happens when a modern bohemian design meets a traditional Mediterranean style? The market for interior design is seeing a huge surge in interest in Mediterranean Boho decor. Young adults in particular enjoy and feel the vibe to some extent. 

To bring out the soft and romantic Mediterranean vibes, this style typically incorporates a cosy colour scheme of browns along with gentle arches in the living room. The kitchen cabinets’ soft blue hues complement the soft blue of the Mediterranean. Use of organic edges, ocean blues, and greens to evoke the delicate nature of the theme.

Photo from Unsplash

On websites like Etsy, boho wall art, stickers, and canvases are painted and successfully sold. You need to check out these mood boards on Pinterest if you’re a boho person and want to customise your boho-themed room.

Monochrome Palettes

If you want your home to look simple, sleek, and modern, monochromatic interiors are fantastic. You can use a neutral colour scheme to create a unified and cohesive appearance by incorporating monochrome pieces into every room of your house. Choose a single colour and experiment with its shades and tints while incorporating other colours sparingly and bringing your main colour out more. That’s the key to a perfect monochrome theme.

Photo from Pixabay 

Here are some essentials you should have in your home to make it look stylish:

  • Patterns, geometric prints and stripes can be incorporated to enhance the vibe. 
  • Strong accents and the use of contrasting colours are crucial.
  • Long grey pots and vases with a touch of sage green and a few pieces of white flowers will help it look stunning and elegant.
  • Choose nickel or antique brass for a classic look, or copper and rose gold for a vibrant, modern feel.
  • Wood and marble textures make it look chic

Transformable Furniture

A good interior designer should be able to style smaller spaces on demand. If not done properly, fitting things into such spaces can be challenging and make everything appear unkempt. A rising trend in American housing markets is residing in compact spaces. Micro-home concepts, for example, provide a streamlined, minimalist design with the added advantage of having a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Murphy Beds that can be beds and a three-seat sofa blend in with the decor while also converting with slight effort. Desk beds give students the ideal space in the room. There are many different types, styles, and materials for coffee tables and chairs that can be transformed into tables. You can easily find them. in India on websites like Pepperfry and Home Lane. Today, convertible lofts are prevalent all over the world.

Photo from Foyr

Future furniture will be compact. You can easily save space in your tiny home by installing pop-up kitchens and wall-mounted dining tables. Check out this interior design YouTube channel for more information.

Vernacular Arches

In recent months, structural style furniture with curved sofas, hanging egg chairs, elliptical tables, and even arched mirrors has seemed to gain popularity. Arches, upright or upside down, look elegant and enhance the aesthetics both ways. 

Trendy interior designs can include windows, pantry entrances, bends, and built-in bookcases. Vertical lines are not inherently unpleasant just because arches are. The two of them can coexist in the same space. They break the monotony of straight lines. 

vernacular arches
Photo from Architectural Digest

They give bland areas, like lobbies and hallways, a fascinating dimension and an alluring visual mood. There are countless shapes and varieties of arches, so you can almost always find one that fits the aesthetic you’re going for. Furthermore, the assortment of materials available gives you even more possibilities.

Five Low-Cost Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Lighting Styles

Go big and bold with your table, island, entryway, or high ceiling instead of using small task lighting, recessed lighting, and other similar lighting options! Swap out a lamp, pendant, or chandelier for an easy update, and you’ll notice a dramatic difference! The interior design greatly benefits from good lighting.

Photo from Pexels

The popularity of colourful, sculptural lamps is growing and will continue to do so through the year 2022. The great thing about having an aesthetic lamp is that it still makes a statement when it is not in use. You can find a wide variety of options, all for very little money and without sacrificing quality, including fairy lights, wall lights, night lights, glow-in-the-dark strips, and lampshades.   

Fabric Fever

You can find a ton of resources online to help you find the fabric type you need for your home. Fabric selection is very important. Remember the atmosphere you want to create. Bed linen made of soft silk, for instance, would be appropriate if you and your partner share a bedroom. For a warm, passionate look, pair it with a cosy wool rug on the floor. Use less expensive fabric that is susceptible to stains or destruction if you have young children in your home. You can go through this mood board for the same.

fabric fever
Photo from Interior Style Hunter

Wall Niches

When compared to other interior design options, a square wall niche with colour-changing LED lights fixed to the top end and a circular niche with soft seating and a bookshelf at the top both produce an extraordinary feeling. These wall recesses have made an entry hall come to life when given stone backdrops and ideal lighting.

wall niches
Photo from Contemporist

 A grid of plain rectangles and square niches arranged in alignment with one another on a wall serves several purposes. These niches look attractive when filled with books, planters, vases, showpieces, or even artistic paintings. Designers give handmade plaster irregular edges—rather than making perfect niches—to give them a more organic appearance. When painted in rusty tones with a touch of gold or copper added, and a blue accent wall, it creates a cave-like appearance.

Mirror Play

We are all aware of the value of using mirrors in homes. A small space appears larger as a result. The room is much brighter thanks to the mirror’s ability to cause light to reflect at various angles. The height at which the mirror is installed and what it reflects both have a significant impact on the room’s aesthetic appeal. The reflection of a sloping ceiling, for instance, is not the most attractive thing to see. 

Photo from Pinterest

Therefore, you should use mirrors to draw attention away from any awkward or unattractive areas of the room. Think carefully about where to position it so that it emphasizes the room’s advantages more. They can serve as statement fillers in small but important spaces that are too small for a piece of furniture when strategically positioned.

Once again, there are plenty of options to choose the mirror style, shape, and frame from. Find your perfect mirror at Fair Glass, India.

The Little Things

Your home’s decor can be greatly improved with minor adjustments. The best items to spice up a room are simple, adaptable pieces that can be changed without incurring significant expense. Simply changing the paint colour on one wall or adding wallpaper can change the entire room’s aesthetic. 

You can alter the entire appearance of the room by selecting a thin partition wall made of white laminated wood strips or even just the design of the rug under your coffee table. See it for yourself by adding pastel pebbles to the edges of your balcony or garden.

little things
Photo from Pexels

Change the paint colour, if possible. Avoid painting every room a completely different colour. To create a seamless transition between rooms, use one or two colours throughout the majority of your home. Select a color that is neutral that you love and let the accents take the lead. Sage green and Lilac are my favourites!

Do it Yourself!: 6 DIYs for Home Decor 

Terracotta Clay Art

These days, trinket dishes with trendy jewellery pieces inside of them are extremely popular. You can create your own in a variety of shapes and styles using this DIY. 

Photo from Silhouette 101

Get started by gathering some terracotta air drying clay, a bowl, acrylic paints, a roller, carving tools, and some leaves.

Lift the edges of the clay after rolling it out into the desired shape. Water can be used to soften the edges, and then the rolled paper can be detailed or printed with a leaf to leave an impression. Put it carefully in a bowl to let it set and prevent it from becoming flat. Once it has dried, paint it however you want, and you’re ready to go. Put your jewellery in, put it on your side table, and add some plants or a scented candle to set the mood!

String Art

String art is very satisfying. It is a great way to showcase your creativity. With a wide variety of colours, you can create a wide variety of shapes. It can be very hip and stylish as wall art in your living room. It will look lovely hanging there. You can also create string art as a gift for a loved one. 

string art
Photo from Pinterest

A base (made of cardboard or MDF board), some thumb-pins or nails, a hammer, and strings are all you need! The first step is to create a template on the board using pins, and then tie the string to begin arranging the colours in the desired pattern.

Another option is to construct the frame entirely out of wires. Begin the string’s knitting at one end, and then continue in the same way to complete your artwork. Learn to make your own dream catcher with string art here.

Tyre Chair/ Table

Do you have a garage full of discarded tyres? Put them to use and make art with them!

tyre chair
Photo from Apartment Therapy

To complete this project, you’ll need a glue gun, a jute rope, and tyres. This will be the heftiest but also the simplest task of all. The tyre should first be cleaned and filled with something. Place a circle of cardboard on top so it can support the weight of objects, and stuff some old cushions inside a chair. The jute rope can now be wrapped and adhered to the top using glue-up at the same time. Voila! You’re done.

Glowing Clouds

How many of you are obsessed with neon lights? This DIY is exclusively for your room’s aesthetic.

glowing clouds
Photo from Reddit

If you want to hang the clouds from the ceiling, gather a lot of cotton, glue, and thread, as well as some old, clear plastic bottles of various sizes. 

First, insert the fairy light into the bottle, then make the switch protrude from one end. To get more fun and actual clouds, repeat this procedure using bottles of various sizes. To hang them later, create a hole in which to place the tread. Start adhering cotton to the bottles now. When you’re finished, hang the lights and turn off any other lights in the room to witness the magic you’ve worked on. Your space will resemble a fantastical realm with this easy DIY.

Mason Jar Planters

Here’s one for the biophilia we were discussing earlier. Mason jars’ best features are that they make excellent planters and are transparent, allowing you to see when plant roots need watering.

jar planters
Photo from One Lombard

If you want to hang the jars in your garden or balcony, you will need mason jars and jute rope. You can add personality to your jars by painting them with pretty flowers or patterns, or you can simply spray-paint half of the planter to give it a timeless look. You can either write the name of the plant you placed inside or just a few succinct nature-related captions. The choice is entirely yours!

Use this technique to hang them. 

Canopy Design

How about making your own little canopy in one corner of your room! This is the best DIY for kids and teenagers who enjoy spending time alone, playing with toys or reading a good book while sipping tea. Adults can also use it in their living room or home theater if it is made for larger groups. 

canopy design
Photo from ONB

This is how you create one. There are numerous ways to build the canopy. All you need is some chiffon fabric, wall hooks, and some clamps to transform your room if you’re content with just the appearance of a canopy rather than bothering with all the structural details. Locate the fabric’s center, then clamp it to the wall above. Alternatively, create a wireframe for your canopy; it can be circular or triangular. Then, hang a nice net fabric over your white floor bedding along with some bright lights, add some pretty floral cushions to complete the look!

These were a few projects, so give them a shot if you want to spice up your home decor a bit!

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