Interior Design in Office: 10 Design Ideas Every Interior Design Lover Should Know

Interior Design in Office

People always need different environments to deal with the pressures of work and life. The interior design in office is completely different than in homes. The interior is tricky, but relatively basic. Office furniture should be selected with the utmost planning possible. Many valuable ideas are here. It should be worthwhile for employees to work without effort. The interior design in office must be attractive and interesting so that colleagues can work with enthusiasm. 

Interior design in office does more than just place some furniture and electronics. That is where you work. Your brain should be working brightly. Therefore, it is very important that the office interior design expresses the individuality and taste of the work. This keeps you productive.

Design Tips for Interior Design in Office

Cabin House in Office Interior Design

Well-worked interior design in office cabins can be incredibly effective. Employees like to be there, which contributes to improving the quality and quantity of work. Functionality comes first, followed by health and safety. To achieve this goal, today’s designers use sophisticated floor plans and furniture plans.

Outdoor Office / Anders Berensson Architects

interior design in office
Photo from Anders Bereson Architects

Anders Berensson Architects designed a building in the Royal National City Park, Norra Djurgården in Stockholm. This building has a creative small office interior design and an outdoor meeting space. The house is a half-timbered building with wooden beams filled with wall panels, and the building extends an existing office building occupied by the Swedish outdoor and shoe company Lundhags.

For buildings in the Royal National Park, they tried to minimize the excavation of the upper part and keep the lower part open in order to create a weatherable outdoor space. The upper part of the house follows the shape of the existing building and slopes slightly towards the existing landscape. At the bottom is a concrete amphitheatre above the existing site. The lower part of the slope faces the road from the north, facing the forest, and the lower part of the slope faces the stage of the outdoor event.

Conference Halls Interior Design in Office

Everyone knows meaningless meetings are the worst part of work. But for upcoming meetings, putting the meeting in a well-designed and well-equipped meeting room can make a difference to the world.

In the modern world, there are increasingly centralized circular floor plans, and the conference room stands as one of the last remaining spaces for a private and effective gathering. Therefore, it is important that the design, layout, and functionality are appropriate. Ultimately, it may suggest the difference between a space that is simply another region and the realm of creativity and collaboration.

When designing a group meeting room, it is important to consider not only the staff and customers but also how the space is used, as well as its motives. Workplaces and groups are different. What you want for a meeting depends on who you are assembling with, what you are roughly assembling, and what you want for the meeting.

Other themes for maintaining the peak of thought range from environment and sound to audio-visual generation and even hue. Finally, if some of these factors are mixed, some of them can be important to the staff, and perhaps it’s really worth it.

To ensure a flexible environment, German fashion designer Stefan Diez has created a state-of-the-art work device called the “D2” that services the open white space of the design lab. Based on the product package with aluminium profile, connectors and honeycomb panels, the elements can be plugged together and assembled without screws.

The matte black D2 panel not only forms a huge shelf to showcase the fashion of Wagner living chairs, including the D1 family, but is also used and split on a 9-meter-long table comprising embedded channels for cable management. Used as a partition for the area from relaxation to the living room location.

Office Phone Booths – Framery O Video Conferencing

Framery O is perfect for busy office calls and videoconferences. At the anechoic booth, you can discuss privacy without disturbing your colleagues, and the use of high-quality materials from sustainable sources ensures acoustic properties. Framery O provides a comfortable working environment, is quick to install and ready to use on the day of delivery.

Framery O Video Conference Ready features a rotating screen mount that allows you to mount different screens on the wall of your device. The display or all-in-one can be mounted on a screen mount. LED lighting around the screen provides optimal lighting for video conferences. Lighting and airflow can be adjusted from the control panel.

Meeting rooms in Office Interior Design

Small informal meetings to quickly solving formal client appointment problems, video calls with remote colleagues, or space design and furniture choices set the tone and help productive meeting planning.

A meeting room is a place for information exchange, whether presented by a group of speakers or colleagues discussing a particular topic. Depending on the company profile, it can be more casual or traditional. One way to express this difference is by the shape of the table or the type of chair. Lower and more comfortable chairs give the environment and perhaps conversation a more relaxed tone. A rectangular table with chairs on the edges shows the hierarchies that can be important in certain situations. Roundtables improve the visibility of everyone in attendance. This may be desirable for joint decisions and discussions.

Meeting Pod – Framery 2Q – Huddle

Framery 2Q is a module designed for 46 people to collaborate, brainstorm, and conference. The frame’s soundproofing system ensures that the meeting does not interfere with the operation of the office and that the noise of the office does not interfere with the meeting. Low doorstopper for wheelchair users. You can fully customize the appearance of the Framery 2Q module and test it with the Framery Configurator.

The 2Q Huddle option is ideal for meetings with people who attend directly and remotely. The table is designed for four people, has connections for laptops, and the spacious cabin has space for two additional chairs. By mounting the screen mount and whiteboard on the opposite wall, everyone, physically or virtually present, can collaborate and access the same information.

Coworking Spaces in Office Interior Design

Coworking is a phenomenon where people from different companies share a workplace and can save money by using rare space infrastructure such as equipment, utilities, receptions, security services and, sometimes, light meals and delivery services, and realize convenience.

Haihui Co-working Space / 11architecture

This is an indoor layout mission in a small co-running area comprising 7 work rooms, 12 fixed desks, a separate running area with 8 seats and some common areas, a drink bar and a lounge. The terrain is a 300m2 square in a normal workplace tower, but a special feature is a pillar in the center of the floor.

The purpose of the layout was developed to treat the first three devices as extensions of the ground and create spatial settings through terrain features. The location was well above the actual ground, but it seemed to be stable and fixed in place. And the spatial setting creates a pronounced growl during people’s actions, including sitting and leaning.

Pantry/ Cafeteria in Office Interior Design 

Most of us are planning a pantry as a last resort and think little about it. But it’s only after living together that we really understand how much we should think about. The food we bring to the office defines and reflects what we like and who we really are. It’s a unique delicacy where employees eat lunch and each employee package and bring it to the Tiffin Box, a place that brings to life the unique cultural background of each individual.

Get creative with the door

The door looks like a very small and insignificant component. This is something to ignore when designing a pantry. However, it can make a big difference in the overall feel of the place. Please note that the doors sway frequently and occupy a lot of space. Choosing a trendy barn-style sliding door can save space and create a hip atmosphere.

Part of the kitchen cabinetry

In some offices, the walk-in pantry may not have the required space. In this situation, you can add a closet pantry. The pantry certainly takes up less space and provides more centralized storage space. It’s also relatively very cheap because you only have to build another shelf in the multipurpose pantry. If you want to keep the stylish look of the place, you can also choose some fun colors to add a splash of life to the otherwise boring pantry.

Common Areas

Leading companies are investing more in interior design of office spaces that are common to employees. These spaces act as an energy center for your organization. Shared areas help keep employees engaged by providing them with a place to connect with their teammates and work in a more comfortable and informal environment. In addition, common rooms can shape the entire corporate culture of a company.

Embassy TechVillage, Bengaluru, India

Modern industrial ceilings and living artwork show that you are in a creative working environment. Bench-style seats encourage dining together, and sofas provide the perfect place for casual meetings.

Yeouido Station, Seoul, South Korea

The main lounge has a cozy, curved sofa for socializing. A small and colourful booth for collaboration. A long table where employees can work while eating light meals. The decoration is attractive with natural light and hanging greenery.

Today’s generation no longer sees it functioning the same as previous generations. New business models and employment opportunities have changed the space in which people develop their professional activities. Working remotely from home, coworking space, or anywhere in the world is already a fairly common reality. However, many companies have not yet used or created a space where employees can collaborate in the same environment.

In addition to the common culture that businesses seek to create, office design can facilitate communication and interaction while considering the needs and details of each type of work and providing a place of concentration is important. As generations and cultures change, it’s natural for office spaces to move away from traditionally laid out cubicles, desks, and meeting rooms.

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