Jamnagar’s Architectural Splendor: Ambani’s Luxury Wedding Backdrop



Indirman Mukesh Ambani recently concluded the extravagant pre-wedding celebrations of his son Anant Ambani in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The western Indian state of Gujarat encompasses the city of Jamnagar, celebrated for its vibrant milieu, profound industrial heritage, and opulent cultural lineage. The city is also renowned for its flourishing industries, particularly in the areas of oil refineries, brass parts, and bandhani textiles.

anant ambani wedding
Pre-wedding at Jamnagar

The city is set to host the WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine. Healthcare might see revolutionary breakthroughs as a result of the center’s focus on using contemporary science and technology to investigate traditional treatment. The center may find novel medicines, treatments, and preventative measures drawn from conventional healing techniques by conducting research and clinical trials. With the creation of the worldwide center, Jamnagar’s rich legacy of conventional medicine including Ayurveda will be protected and encouraged. This will promote cultural appreciation and sharing in addition to protecting indigenous knowledge.


Jam Rawal established Nawanagar in 1540 as the capital of the princely kingdom bearing his name. Historically referred to as Nawanagar, meaning “the new town,” Jamnagar. It held great significance as one of the largest and most prominent realms governed by the Jadejas in the Saurashtra region. The state was in a thirteen-gun salute. As a result, the Jams of Nawanagar may trace their origin to the Yadava race. The Pauranik literature states that after Lord Krishna moved from Mathura to Dwarka town in the Jamnagar area, he founded his empire. 

jam rawal
Jam Rawal

Engaging in numerous conflicts with neighboring kingdoms, they established their reputation as formidable warriors. Under the British Raj, Nawanagar attained princely stature in 1807. Maharaja Ranjit Singhji, its inaugural monarch, garnered acclaim for his progressive policies and endeavors in modernization. He spearheaded an array of reforms and commissioned the construction of numerous public edifices.

Reliance Jamnagar 

Reliance Industries Limited oversees a substantial and sophisticated refining and petrochemical complex in Jamnagar. The refinery is arguably the only one in the whole world to have processed all 216 grades of crude oil yielded worldwide. The reliance refinery complex significantly contributes to the economy of Jamnagar. It generates employment opportunities for thousands of people directly. 

Jamnagar refinery
Jamnagar Refinery

Modern petrochemical and refining technologies are used at the Jamnagar refinery. RIL’s Jamnagar complex in the petrochemical and refining industries is globally renowned for its magnitude, efficiency, and pioneering innovation. The products manufactured at the Jamnagar refinery are distributed in markets worldwide, bolstering India’s export earnings and fostering international relations. The architecture of the refinery complex prioritizes functionality and operational efficiency. 

Lakhota Palace

Lakhota Palace holds immense historical and cultural significance as it served as the residence of the Jadeja rulers of Jamnagar. This Palace now houses a museum that showcases a rich collection of artifacts. The museum housed within the magnificent Lakhota Palace stands as a veritable cultural epicenter, drawing inquisitive tourists and avid history enthusiasts from near and far. In addition to its profound historical and cultural significance, Lakhota Palace also holds sway as a coveted tourist destination, owing to its breathtaking scenic splendor. The ethereal charm of the surrounding lake and meticulously manicured gardens further enhance its allure, leaving visitors spellbound.

lakhota palace, jamnagar
Lakhota Palace

The Lakhota Palace is a majestic structure situated on an island amid Ranmal Lake, bestowing upon it a picturesque and captivating setting. The architectural design of the palace embodies a harmonious fusion of Rajput and European styles. Constructed using red sandstone, the palace exudes an aura of magnificence and boasts a distinctive hue that stands out against the serene backdrop of the tranquil lake waters. Its strategic placement on an island not only enhances its aesthetic allure but also provides natural fortifications, rendering it an impregnable fortress during its prime.

The Solarium

Maharaj Ranjit Singh originally put the Solarium into operation in 1934, much impressed by the scientific developments occurring in Europe at the time.  The construction cost was Rs. 6 lakhs in the 1930s and was commissioned by French engineer Dr. Jean Saidam. The Solarium is a modern building that incorporates current architectural aspects while blending in harmoniously with its natural surroundings. 


There is a rotating tower made completely of glass in the Solarium. TB and skin illnesses were the main afflictions treated with the sun energy that was harvested.  The Solarium, often referred to as the Ranjit Institute of Poly-Radio Therapy, is still the only operational medical institution in the world that uses sun energy for therapeutic purposes. Though the facility and treatment procedures were uncommon, they were largely intended for impoverished people, and treatment fees were kept to a minimum. 

There are forty feet between the ground and the solarium. The treatment cabins were constructed on a platform thirty feet above the floor. With ten cabins intended for sun treatment, the 114-foot-long platform was housed. In tandem with the platform’s horizontal rotation, the beds of the patients in the cabins also rotate vertically. The room was equipped with wavelength filter glasses to block hazardous rays and special concentrator glasses to maximize the space’s beam potential.

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

Jamnagar temple
BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

 The temple is an amazing example of brilliant architecture. Lord Shiva-Parvati and Lord Rama-Sita each have their distinct shrines within the temple. The artwork, decorations, and wall carvings in the temple enclosure are visually stunning. Its lighting makes it appear ethereal at night. The temple property seems to be radiating divinity as one ascends the steps leading to the main building. 

The mandir showcases traditional Hindu temple architecture with intricate carvings. Crafted with precision and reverence, the temple is built employing age-old techniques and premium materials such as marble, limestone, and sandstone. The mandir features towering spires or shikhara adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures. The mandir often includes pillared halls or mandapams where devotees can gather for prayers, rituals, and religious discourses. 

Hotels in Jamnagar

For travelers seeking luxury and premium amenities, Jamnagar has several upscale hotels offering world-class facilities. Given Jamnagar’s industrial and commercial significance, there are many business hotels in the city catering to corporate travelers. Hotels in Jamnagar cater to diverse traveler preferences, offering an array of accommodations.

Sayaji, Jamnagar

sayaji hotel jamanagar
Sayaji Hotel

This boutique hotel in Jamnagar, masterfully designed by Designers Group, is quickly gaining popularity among travelers because of its amazing layout. The spatial feeling is anchored by minimal aesthetics and a distinct character derived from the setting. The hotel’s unique range of facilities and amenities extends beyond the stars, providing a blend of modern lifestyle trends while staying true to Jamnagar’s history. The hotel’s Cravings restaurant is known for its opulent backdrop and vast cuisine selection, offering a versatile dining experience for various occasions.

Banquet Hall

The welcome area features a well-balanced bandhani art backdrop, while the square modern hardwood-colored embossed art is the focal point of the room on the right. The traditional jaali pattern of lights accentuating the ceiling completes the overall ambiance of the space. The main wall in the public and visitor spaces is painted white with subtle wooden textures. The ground-floor banquet hall features a gypsum-finished brown mirror ceiling, a crystal chandelier, and a uxorial cloth tapestry that is fastened using a clipping mechanism.

moon tree cafe
Moon Tree Cafe

The first-floor Moon Tree Cafe is the most interesting part of the hotel. The ceiling of this ultra-modern cafe features bold coffee brands written there. Its understated style and traits are interlaced throughout the space with entrancing furnishings and collectivist material selections, creating a joyful and classic atmosphere. The curiously constructed café enhances the whole ambiance with a lush, colorful, and invigorating feel.

Aram Hotel

Hotel Aram, a picturesque heritage structure nestled in the heart of Jamnagar, holds a captivating history tied to the illustrious Jadejas of Nawanagar State. According to local lore, this architectural gem was once the property of Jam Rawal, a revered descendant of the Jadeja dynasty, renowned for their regal legacy in the region, particularly in Kutch. Today, Hotel Aram continues to enchant guests with its blend of heritage charm and modern hospitality. 

aram hotel
Aram hotel

The architecture seamlessly blends historic charm with modern amenities, offering guests a comfortable and luxurious retreat. Courtyards and verandas adorned with lush greenery offer peaceful retreats, while spacious rooms and suites provide a serene oasis for rest and rejuvenation. The Hotel Aram entices visitors with its captivating interiors, invoking the grandeur of bygone eras, while providing a majestic atmosphere and a profound sense of heritage. Within the confines of its walls, patrons are indulged with luxurious accommodations and an unforgettable culinary voyage.


Vantara, Anant Ambani’s ambitious wildlife conservation endeavor, endeavors to preserve and rehabilitate animals across the globe. Positioned to become the largest zoo and rehabilitation facility worldwide, it spans 3,000 acres. Vantara, epitomizing the essence of the forest’s celestial brilliance, acts as a sanctuary nurturing the delicate harmony between mankind and the wilderness.

animal shelter
Animal Rescue Center

Vantara hopes to restore the habitats of critically endangered animals. With 2,100 committed employees, the facility keeps helping animals in need. The rescue and rehabilitation facility situated within Vantara is reputed to have salvaged and sheltered over 2,000 animals spanning 43 distinct species from distressing and abusive circumstances.

Inside Vantara

The building gains warmth and authenticity from the use of regional materials and workmanship, which ties it to its history and surrounds. Upon entering Vantara, visitors are welcomed by an expansive and sophisticated lobby space. An air of openness and peace is enhanced by high ceilings, natural light, and tastefully chosen décor pieces. The lobby’s architectural design, which includes cozy lounging places and contemporary utilities, promotes socializing and relaxation. 

Pre-wedding Festivities

Jamnagar's Architectural Splendor: Ambani's Luxury Wedding Backdrop Indirman Mukesh Ambani recently concluded the extravagant pre-wedding celebrations of his son Anant Ambani in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The western Indian state of Gujarat encompasses the city of Jamnagar, celebrated for its vibrant milieu, profound industrial heritage, and opulent cultural lineage. The city is also renowned for its flourishing industries, particularly in the areas of oil refineries, brass parts, and bandhani textiles. jamnagar,anant ambani,anant ambani wedding
Evening In Everland

Anant and Radhika Merchant decided to tie the knot in Jamnagar because it’s super important to Anant’s family and a nod to PM Narendra Modi’s “Wed in India” campaign. The pre-wedding shenanigans went down at the Ambani family’s massive 750-acre complex in Jamnagar, Gujarat. They’ve got Anant’s animal sanctuary, Vantara, and a sick mango orchard there too. An elaborate glass palace evoking the Palm House in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was constructed for the first evening of festivities, adorned with flowers from Jeff Leatham, creating a visually stunning experience for the guests.

anant Ambani edding
Mela Rouge

The ‘Mela Rouge’ event transformed the venue into an amusement park inspired by Moulin Rouge. It features a rouge windmill exaggerated to mammoth proportions. For one of the days, the venue was transformed into a lush jungle-themed setting with striped tenting and intricate architectural details. It included hand-painted peacocks on the walls and elephant-inspired brass handles on the doors, creating a whimsical and immersive experience for the guests.

Anant Ambani wfe
Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani during the pre wedding festivities