8 Inspiring Ted Talks for Every Architect

Ted talks

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Technology, Entertainment, Design this is where currently life revolves around.

Ted talks help you find motivation, explore new options, gain a little more perspective and find role models. And you get to learn something new in just a few minutes.

Here is a compilation of talks architectural and non-architectural from prominent speakers with meaningful insights.


Ted talk: An Ultra-sensory Narrative | Bijoy Ramachandran

Bijoy Ramachandran, founder of ‘hundredhands’ in his ted talk talks about the book ‘The eyes on the skin.’ He talks about four factors that help to design better by providing many architectural examples and comparing them with famous art or paintings. To begin with, he states that modern buildings are more just visually physically and not all senses are stimulated, secondly, Game of Light and Shadow and gives an example of a town hall in Finland by Alvar Aalto. Next, he talks about the importance of Frames in structure and the idea of change. Lastly, Meaning and its link with evoking memories.

Mumbai’s Architecture is Killing Us !! | Sameep Padora

In this Ted Talk, the author talks about the alarming situation of Mumbai and compares buildings of various scales with the respective reason for planning. Earlier, when migration happened the people didn’t know the importance of housing and due to migration started living in cramped spaces. Later, due to the plague, the worth of light, ventilation, and sanitation was realized. He takes an example of a swadeshi market and explains the planning and role of the courtyard. He takes into consideration both affordable housing by government and privately built apartments and states that both do not consider the issue of life and health but simply are based on maximizing profits and building laws.

Urban architecture inspired by mountains, clouds and volcanoes | Ma Yansong

Available on youtube

Available on youtube

8 Inspiring Ted Talks for Every Architect Ted talks help you find motivation, explore new options, gain a little more perspective and find role models. And you get to learn something new in just a few minutes. Ted talk,best ted talks,architecture and design

The architect, Ma Yansong links New York and China skyline and correlates it with matchbox designs. Later, he takes a cubic fish aquarium for research and then an organic aquarium and tries to understand the emotions. He then starts to present his work and elaborates on how they enhance the city skyline and seem out of context but are in harmony with nature. His buildings take inspiration from natural elements.

For example, the Opera house, China which resembles a snow mountain, and Quzhou sports park, China a volcano. He states that’ The natural element in the city makes you feel curious and explore further.’ He emphasizes hand sketching rather than software-based drawing as they bring out the soul and spirit which should be visible in the structures too.

NATURE BECOMES ARCHITECT: Growing our next generation of buildings | Eric Corey Freed

In this ted talk, the speaker has pointed out the Architectural issues by giving out funny references throughout the talk. He starts by how there is no progression in the building typologies and style even though there is so much advancement in technology. He asks the question of why the buildings cannot be self-growing or healing. He has coined a new term in this talk – PROSTRUCTION which is the opposite of construction.

With the team of biologists, he has started research on how buildings should correlate with DNA and gives emphasis on the scaffolding of both plant-based DNA and scaffolding in built forms. Also, by presenting amazing instances by animals. At last, he tells about XPrize healthy homes who are researching this concept to provide healthy buildings that grow.

Cubicles don’t work. How architectural design affects your brain | Scott Wyatt

Then he introduced the concept of Biophilia and gave a brief understanding of it and how it is important and helps in the performance at the same time keeping one healthy. He later gives an example of Massachusetts General Hospital and how biophilia has increased the hospital’s profits. Ending with another building Amazon, Seattle, and giving a brief description of its planning.

Stop searching for your passion | Terri Trespicio

This is an inspirational non-Architectural Ted talk for Budding Architects who are at a crossroads. In this talk, the speaker states that how is it okay to not have a plan by telling her lifestory when she was in her twenties. This is a Ted talk everyone will relate to as once in a lifetime each one is at this point in their lives. The main focus is to not have a tunneled vision and to deviate your energy and time to work on a job and passion will follow you.

Two adults, two kids, zero waste | Bea Johnson

Two adults, two kids, zero waste | Bea Johnson

When one hears about a zero-waste lifestyle, it might seem difficult or even impossible to accomplish but Bea Johnson along with her family has successfully skilled this area. This talk was added in this article because it tells that to proficient zero waste one must start at a very personal level. Today waste management is also an alarming situation for Architects as most of the landfills are filled with construction and demolition waste. An environmentalist Lauren Singer in her Ted talks Why I live a zero-waste life talks about the same issue on how she got inspired to do the same thing at a very young age.

Ted talk
Zero Waste

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

Innovating to zero! | Bill Gates

This ted talk is not just inspirational or informative but also so ahead of its time and you might actually feel like being a part of it. The talk raises the issue, the cause of the issue, the present scenario, and also what should be the solution. This talk is not just for Architects but for each and every individual. It is filled with astonishing moments.

So, if you are bored with watching Netflix and want to feel good about yourself, ted talks are additive so go ahead browse through these and start binge-watching guilt-free.

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