Vastu and Climatology: Value of Plants in creating Positive Environment

Vastu and Climatology: Value of Plants in creating Positive Environment Certain elements and plant science are also considered to be auspicious according to Vastu. Climatology plays an important role when designing a home or office and so does Vastu, this is the reason that some factors are the same in both. Climatology,Vastu Shastra,Vastu for home,Plant science,Auspicious plants for home

Vastu combines 5 important elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, which help to create balance and harmony between nature and humans. When an individual follows Vastu, it is believed to bring wealth, positivity, and health. The Vastu is based on gravitational forces, magnetic forces of Earth and Sun, and moon directions.

Certain elements and plant science are also considered to be auspicious according to Vastu. Climatology plays an important role when designing a home or office and so does Vastu, this is the reason that some factors are the same in both.


The entrance of the house is from the flow of energy begins and changes with each house. The entrance of the house as per Vastu shastra should not be from the South as this direction invites a lot of direct and harsh light, which can be a sign of negativity. So it should ideally be in the North-East direction.

Elements and Plants for Entrance

According to vastu for home, the door should have a welcoming feeling and dustbins should be avoided to avoid negative energy. The colour of the door should not be black or any dark colour. A Ganesh painting or hangers should be used as it will encourage entering with happy thoughts.

The auspicious plants for home recommended according to vastu is Lotus. The Lotus stands for strength, morality, and purity. It should be placed in front of the house to reap maximum benefits and also it can be merged with the water body to create a classy entrance element.

Moropankhi is another plant which can be grown at the entrance. It adds beauty and a positive approach to your home.It is helpful in mitigating the effects caused by vastu defects at your home.

Place the laughing Buddha facing the inside of the house, diagonally opposite or facing the main door. The energy entering the house from the main door is welcomed by the laughing Buddha and unwanted energy is cleansed in the opinion of Vastu shastra.

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Living Room

The living room is a space in the house where multiple activities are followed. In the living room, guests are entertained as well as it may be a private space for the family. Due to this the living room should be in the North and North-East direction according to vastu for home as well as climatology.

The sun’s rays are soft and will keep the indoor well lit, sending in positive and happy emotions.

Also, to increase the effect of sunlight, the walls of the living space must be cool and neutral colours to enhance the interiors.

Elements and Plants for Living Room

Chrysanthemum plants can be planted in the living room according to vastu for home and plant science. It brings positivity and optimism. This plant requires indirect sunlight, and it blooms all year long, filling the living room with the right amount of colour and energy.

Another plant is Lucky bamboo plant, as the name suggests stands for good luck and comes in varied sizes and sticks. It can be used as a good table top decor. The number of sticks has different significance, so research on the report of vastu shastra and choose what best suits your living room.

Paintings with beautiful scenes and colours, like sunrise, waterfalls, should be hung instead of paintings depicting war or sorrow. The living room is the first thing a person sees and enters, so it should have the right amount of inviting, homely energy and auspicious plants for home.


For the master bedroom following vastu and climatology, locating it in the south direction is a good choice as the utility of bedrooms is less during the day and the sun’s rays are harsh in the south and south-west direction. This way the walls of the room will absorb the warmth from the evening sun and keep the indoors warm at night during winter.

As for the kids’ bedroom, it is observed by vastu for home that the primary aim is to illuminate it with natural light as sometimes the study room is also in the same room. So placing the kids’ bedrooms in the North and North East is beneficial according to vastu.

Elements and Plants for Bedroom

Plants for the master bedroom can be peace lily or lily as they are symbolized to keep harmony and increase the bond, thus affecting happy union and bonding.

Peace Lily
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As for the kids’ bedroom, snake plant can be grown in a corner of the bedroom as it is known according to the vastu shastra to reduce stress. I did this as it promotes the flow of oxygen in the room, which regulates the blood flow and stress level.

The primary emphasis should be given to the mirrors in the bedroom. It is auspicious to place the mirror on the side of the bed, as it will ensure that no part is reflected in the mirror while sleeping.

Also Aroma therapy, essential oils should be used to invite calming thoughts in the bedroom in keeping with vastu for home.


The kitchen should be ideally on the Agni part of the house which is in the south-east direction and it is known according to the Vastu that the prepared food will have much more benefits if it is placed on the south-east direction. As per Vastu, the person cooking should face North or East as there is bright sunlight from the north and east and not Harsh sun rays which will create problems while cooking.

In climatology, it is addressed that the south wall heats the most therefore the walls require a buffer, so, to create this buffer wall, cupboards and shelves can be provided on the south-west side to reduce the effect of sun rays. In Vastu,  it is observed that constructing storage on the Southwest side will bring prosperity and luck .

Elements and Plants for Kitchen

Aloe vera is a plant which is good for hair, skin and digestion in agreement with plant science, so it’s beneficial to keep this in the kitchen for easy access. As per vastu, it brings prosperity. And also it helps to refresh the air and emit carbon dioxide.

Holy Basil, or ‘Tulsi’, is considered a very sacred and auspicious plant for home. The best place to plant it is in the North or East or even the combination – North-East Direction.Much more than being Vastu compliant, Tulsi/Basil is a medicinal plant. Its leaves purify the digestive and circulatory system by removing toxins from the blood.

Water tanks should be placed in the north-east direction as in the morning the sun rays are beneficial and the ultraviolet rays can also be beneficial to kill the germs therefore it is advisable to keep the water tank in this direction as per both Vastu and climatology.

Pooja Room for Meditation Room

The early morning sun makes the house well lit subtly. The sun’s rays from the North Eastern part of the house make it an ideal time for yoga, meditation, prayer or even study. For peaceful activities like these and also for Surya Namaskar and yoga, placing the meditation or prayer room in the north-east direction is important to match up with vastu shastra. While praying, it is auspicious to face the north-east, north or east.

Elements and Plants for Pooja Room

Placing incense, puja materials, flowers, lamps and holy books in the Pooja room brings a sense of warmth and connection to God. Avoid keeping unnecessary items below the temple or dustbins in this area as this disturbs the process of introspection.

Jasmine has a sweet fragrance which helps to uplift the spirit with its fragrance. As per jasmine plant science, it attracts positive energy and soothes frayed nerves.

Incense Stciks
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Plants for Office

Money plant

Money plants, as the name suggests, bring wealth and prosperity as determined by vastu shastra. Due to its evergreen properties and the fact that it requires very little water and sunlight, it can thrive easily.

Jade plant

Jade plants, an auspicious plant for home and office, represent the 5 elements of nature and thus are considered being very lucky and can be easily accommodated in office desks. Thus, it emits positivity around it. Also, it is in an evergreen plant and requires less maintenance as per plant science.

Rubber plant

Rubber plants are considered bringing good fortune and wealth in the office environment. The lush, smooth green leaves emit prosperity and it is beneficial to place them in the southwest direction and is helpful in line with vastu and climatology.

Avoid using cactus and other thorny plants in both office and home, as it attracts sorrow and sadness.


The vastu talks in terms of prosperity, happiness and climatology that the impact of sun and wind on human behavior will influence positivity, which will lead to prosperity and good health.

Plant science also provides a sense of growth and calmness, so it is essential to keep healthy and hydrated plants indoors to gain motivation and lead a positive and healthy life.

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